The British political system is sick.

Many elected representatives of the People who are supposed to work for the People have been jailed, sacked or fined for fiddling with their expense account? What example are they setting for their constituents?

I wouldn’t be surprised if some rioters share the same view…smash, grab and run…

Britain has become a “nauseatingly politically correct nation”.

The youth that we see looting shops are merely exercising their prerogative – freedom of action…they are aware that little or no punishment will be meted out as the State of Great Britain values their Rights…the State reaction in the first instance where Police “watched” looters is evidence of this.

A fine example for these youth is the political establishment, which is a fumbling, bickering and an inept institution for the mentally challenged and ethically and morally bankrupt, seriously lacking leadership of the likes of Churchill…

The riots are a signal to British Society that it is endanger of becoming a Third World Country.

And while the World watches anarchy on display, nations are preparing for the 2012 Olympics in London, Great Britain.

God Save the Queen and her People.