Arrival and Departure

Words fall and scatter, rolling away like marbles. She looks, speechless. Life kicks within her crying to be let out.  Gently she holds her stomach and whispers “Hush my baby, daddy will come home soon”, as she watches him walk away. Godspeed she shouts out in a voice breaking with sorrow.

He is gone carrying a gun to kill people in another land.

Now she lies legs apart screaming like a banshee in an antiseptic room with masked people around gently coaxing her, “Push, Push”. Suddenly there is a cry…”it’s a boy”.

On the other side of the world he lays face down in the bright lights of hatred and violence, his hands searching for his legs that lie somewhere else in the desert sand.

Life was ending just as it was beginning.

“Hush my baby, daddy will come home soon”