Is Pakistan Ambassador to US Sherry Rehman just another pretty face?

Sherry has reacted illogically to US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta’s remarks questioning Pakistan’s actions in tackling terrorism in a manner that defies logic.

“This kind of public messaging from a senior member of the US administration is taken very seriously in Pakistan, and reduces the space for narrowing our bilateral differences at a critical time in the negotiations,” Ms Rehman said in a statement.

Wake up Sherry. Your country has been a haven for terrorists for very long. Even Osama Bin laden was found living for many years next to an Army Camp in Pakistan!

Give us a break please Ms Sherry. Either you are deluded or just another pretty face to camouflage the criminal actions of your government.

You are a terrorist State. The international community needs to do something about this before you partner with Iran in its nuclear program…if you have not already.

BTW look what your country is doing in Balochistan…committing genocide on scale like the final solution.