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Amazon Watch
Dear Mark,

Since calling on you to assist the Xingu’s indigenous peoples in their relentless resistance to violent land invasions and the wanton destruction of their rivers, we’ve been inspired by an unprecedented wave of support from around the world. Thank you.

The tens of thousands of letters we sent to FUNAI have put noticeable pressure to recognize Kayapo demands for demarcation of their ancestral territories, while the money we raised through the Xingu Urgent Action Fund has helped local communities to organize ongoing resistance to mounting threats. These struggles are far from over.

Donate now to the Xingu Urgent Action Fund!
Support the Kayapo and stop the Belo Monte Dam!

Chief Megaron Txucarranãe 

“We cannot stop. We must continue our resistance or they will never recognize our rights.”
– Chief Megaron Txucarranãe of the Kayapo

Now more than ever, Chief Raoni and the Kayapo need the world’s backing to sustain their steadfast occupation of the Kapot Nhinore territory, where Kayapo warriors have committed to resisting the threat of violence from the hired guns of local ranchers until these lands are finally demarcated as indigenous territory.

Meanwhile downriver, construction of the disastrous Belo Monte Dam continues in the heart of the Amazon. We must continue to support resistance and send a message to the Brazilian government that we will not stand by and watch this assault on the Amazon and its people!

Please join us in supporting the Kayapo and the people of the Xingu by giving to the 

Xingu Urgent Action Fund today. Every cent helps and your contribution won’t go unnoticed.

For the Xingu,

Christian Poirier
Christian Poirier 
Brazil Campaigner