Candess Campbell, intuitive consultant, interview by Mark Ulyseas

Last year I met Candess in Bardez and talked the talk, about the ways of the Native American Shamans. This interview is a follow up to our unfinished discussion on ‘healing’.
Candess M. Campbell, PhD. (doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy from American Pacific University, a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a minor in Religious Studies from Gonzaga University is an intuitive consultant and healer specializing in 144 Strand DNA Activation and Essential Energy Balancing Workshops which clear Karma. From a young age she has been working with a group of Ascended Masters, the Lords of Karma. She has 20 years as an intuitive healer and 27 years counseling clients<.

What is an intuitive consultant?

I am called a psychic but the more popular word for my work is intuitive consultant.  I teach classes on Clairvoyance and believe we all have this ability. This “sixth sense” is usually strong in children, and is often discouraged by parents. If not discouraged by parents, children often give up the skill when teased by peers.

An intuitive reads through feeling (clairsentience), knowing (claircognizance) hearing (clairaudience), or seeing (clairvoyance). I read the energy field of the client through the information in the chakras. I see where energy is blocked and symbolically see what is happening in their life. Illness and emotional crisis happen on the energetic level before manifesting in the physical. Therefore, getting a reading and making appropriate behavior changes can avert health issues and other problems.

I am often asked about relationships, career moves, whether to make this choice or that and basics like this. Often people who have passed on show up in a reading and I communicate with them to their loved one.  More information and a video describing what happens during a reading is on my website.

What qualifies you as a ‘Healer’ and how do you ‘Heal’ people ?

Healers are found in all cultures. Some have a natural gift of healing and others take training or classes. For most of us, it is both.

I began my healing practice when I took Reiki classes from Diane Stein and a Healing class at the Church of Divine Man. With practice I felt energy in my hands and when I touched people I could move stuck energy. For instance, if someone had knee pain, I put my hands on their knee and could feel tingling and even pain in my hands. I waited until the energy subsided and they told me the pain was gone.

Volunteering at a retreat for HIV positive patients was when my abilities increased. After providing several healings my intuitive reading kicked in. I began to see the core issue of their illnesses and when I shared information with them, they often cried and the emotional healing began. The HIV was not cured, but many of the symptoms eased and the emotional healing took place.

Much of what I do today is remote healing. Quantum physics has shown us that there is no time and space and healing can take place when I put hands on someone or when I imagine them in my mind and provide a healing.

Could you share a case history and how one of your patients was healed?

Healing happens on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Physical healings are more noticeable to all, but the other healings are usually only noticeable to the client and close family and friends.

One physical healing was with a friend who was a physician. He had a severe strain in his neck that hurt for several days. I put my hands on his neck and saw the strain in my mind. I brought my attention into the heavens and asked my healing guides for a healing and felt the energy coming down through the top of my head and out my hands into his neck. This took about three minutes. Afterward, his pain was gone. I talked with him a couple of weeks ago and he said this summer his mother is coming to the US from Peru and she would like a reading and healing. I am delighted.

Another example was a nurse who had a fractured bone in her foot. I put my hands on her foot and did the same procedure as above. Again this took a few minutes and the fracture was healed.

A third example is an emotional healing. I was teaching a Reiki Class and had a student on the table as I was demonstrating the healing positions. My hands were on the sacral chakra in the belly area. When I touched her I immediately imaged her being sexually abused as a child. Her feelings of pain welled up inside me. She had not healed this issue. I asked her if she had been abused and she said yes. When I offered to release this pain she said yes. In this case I allowed this pain to move through me and began to cry and shake and bring the pain out of her body. After several minutes, the pain was gone. It was healed in her and I felt as I had before the experience.

What are your future plans?

In 2011, I will be in Osaka, Japan in April and May and in Mumbai and Coimbatore, and possibly New Delhi, India in November and December providing 144 strand DNA Activations, facilitating Essential Energy Balancing Workshops that clear Earth Karma, teaching Clairvoyance Classes and providing private sessions with clients.

Candess lives in Spokane, 300 miles from Seattle, U.S.A