Watch and share this award winning documentary Chumpi and explore life with the Achuar!

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Dear Mark,

Meet Chumpi, a young indigenous Achuar boy from Chicherta Village in the remote headwaters of an Amazon tributary deep in the Peruvian rainforest. Watch and share this award winning documentary about Chumpi’s journey in search of the vision of his Achuar ancestors.

Meet Chumpi

The Achuar are up against Talisman Energy and other ruthless companies that are on the verge of drilling for oil in their ancestral territory. Their culture and entire way of life is at stake.

Watch Chumpi and explore life with the Achuar.

Let Chumpi take you into daily life in an indigenous village faraway in the Amazon. Learn how the Achuar survive off the land and rivers, and maintain the ancient culture of their elders. Travel through lush virgin jungle to a sacred waterfall in search of rainforest spirits who give vision and strength.

The Achuar made this film to show you how their extraordinary rainforest home is critical to survival. Watch it, share it, and stay tuned for ways you can be a part of preventing irreparable destruction of their world.

In solidarity,

Gregor MacLennanGregor MacLennan
Peru Program Coordinator