Has Australia become a US State or Japanese colony?

One wonders if there is a government in Australia. From recent news reports of what the Japanese whalers are doing in Australian waters there appears to be total lack of any substantial government response to stop the slaughter and theft of Australian natural resources.

Why are Japanese whalers permitted to poach in Australian waters?

How can a US Court issue orders to Sea Shepherd to stop its operations against the Japanese poachers in Australian waters when the ships and the branch of the society involved are registered in Australia?

Japan orders Australian flagged Sea Shepherd ships to leave Australian waters!

Yoshimasa Hayashi, Japan’s fisheries minister, has stated: “So why don’t we at least agree to disagree? We have this culture, and you don’t have that culture.” Okay this sounds fine. Now all those against the bloody slaughter of whales and dolphins on Taiji Island will descend on the island and stop the slaughter because it is their culture. Hayashi it works both ways my friend!

What is sickening is the Australian government’s inaction. It would appear that they are in connivance with the whalers to loot the natural resources of Australia.

And while the US Court issues its orders, the Australian government remains castrated.

What a shame that all self respecting Australians have no say in the matter.

BTW: Japanese whalers are slaughtering whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. I think they are confused about the meaning of the word “sanctuary”!