Has your libido been playing up again King Juan Carlos?

Spain's King Juan Carlos poses in front of a dead elephant on a hunting trip in Botswana, Africa. Photograph: Target Press/Barcroft Media










You are a despicable coward and murderer of defenseless animals. You shot an elephant (tusker) for fun. I suppose the Government of Botswana must be honoured to have White Royalty visit their country to decimate their wildlife. And the private company that markets this blood sport should be closed down!

So how much did you pay to enhance your libido? US$ 15,000/- and more I believe. I wonder how your countrymen must feel about this considering the severe austerity measures that they are facing. If you are any bit a man you would have used this money for the betterment of your own people and not for the enhancement of your manhood.

Shame on you and that woman next to you.

Who is she…your alter ego?