Merchandising Terrorism during Christmas Season

Osama dolls

Merchandising terrorism during the season of goodwill has its commercial advantages and this should not be overlooked in the fight between – Us and Them.

The world appears to be in the grip of terrorism on a scale ‘apparently’ not witnessed before, and this has been reinforced by sudden dramatic discoveries of explosives in airplanes etc., sinister plans to cause assorted mayhem, commit mass murder and execute high profile assassinations.

All this sounds very exciting but how can politicians and business work together to make money from this and how can small businesses be rewarded with increased retails sales.

Presently, the only business that appears to be lucrative is security – invading countries, manpower and gadgetry. But has thought been given to clothing, games and cuisine?

For example: The face of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara aka Che has been featured on T-shirts (printed, woven and hand painted) on sale for a few dollars by street vendors without Che’s estate reaping any benefits from this commercial exploitation.

In 2010 we have Mr.Osama Bin Laden, the face of a generation of psychopaths and suicide bombers. This has made him not only a Persona non Grata in many countries but also a brand that can be exploited for profit (the loss being innocent lives but this is incidental) by creating a range of products and services.

Media (print/Electronic)
Every perceivable threat can be headlined with his face and admonishing index finger. This sells copies, increases viewership thereby resulting in additional advertising revenue.

Any ‘incident’ can give governments the excuse to ‘upgrade’ security and further curtail the freedom of its citizens. Result – increased expenditure on security (more jobs and purchase of new equipment) and altering of civil liberties.

Osama Dolls
Walky Talky dolls screaming “Death to the infidel”.
Osama version of Rambo preferably in fuschia.
Osama as chef in kitchen (dressed in drag) with Bush as his side kick (wasn’t Bush his business partner before he diversified his operations?).

Video Games
Homeland Security Vs. Osama’s Assassins.
How to plant bombs on one’s self and in cities and explode them without being detected.

Made from marzipan in the shape of automobiles which explode in the mouth when eaten. Of course the incendiary device will only contain jam or fresh cream.

Board Game

Snakes & Ladders – revised version with booby traps and suicide bombers etc. Great fun for the whole family!

A card game for those interested in ‘counter-intelligence’.

Specially designed for sixteen year old nymphets with the slogan
” Osama was here”. This is with reference to his penchant for marrying teenagers.

All tax revenues from the sale proceeds must go toward financing the fight against terrorism i.e Us Against Them.

If governments,  industries and the jihadis can make money from the senseless killing then why not the rest of us?

Merry Christmas Folks!