Wanted Criminal General Musharraf flees court after bail is cancelled

General Pervez Musharraf is a wanted criminal in Pakistan.

He talks about returning for his people.

Who are his people? The terrorists he has nurtured to kill innocent Indian and Pakistani civilians?

  • He has admitted that he was the one who planned the Kargil misadventure.
  • He has admitted, after Wikileaks exposure, that he made a deal with the Americans to permit the use of Drones in NWFP but not over the terrorist training camps bordering India. In effect he allowed the Americans to kill Pakistani women and children.
  • He took over the country in  a bloodless coup and jailed the honourable judges of the High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan.
  • He has been involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
  • He was directly involved in the mass slaughter of Baloch.

One hopes the honourable Pakistani Court ensures justice for the Pakistanis.