Divine Bovine – The Beef about Cows in India, vigilantism and lynching

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Mark Live Encounters Magazine July 2017

Divine Bovine – The Beef about Cows in India, vigilantism and lynching – Mark Ulyseas, Live Encounters Magazine, July 2017.

Read More – http://liveencounters.net/2017-le-mag/07-july-2017/mark-ulyseas-the-beef-about-cows-in-india/



The World’s Oldest Profession?

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Live Encounters Magazine  July 2017

The Oldest Profession in the World? Cover feature by Dr Kate Lister, Researcher, Leeds Trinity University

This issue features:

Dr Kate Lister – The Oldest Profession in the World?
Mark Ulyseas – Divine Bovine: The Beef about Cows in India
Dr Margi Prideaux – Palm oil or tuna: intent or results
Aneela Zeb Babar – We Are All Revolutionaries Here
Randhir Khare – Remember and Resist
Dr Shanthie Mariet D’Souza – Regional power play in Afghanistan and India’s policy options
Dr Candess M Campbell – Stress
Udayan Dhar – The Perils and Politics of Gay Pride
Mikyoung Cha – Temppeliaukio Church
Ozlem Warren – Lighter Baklava with Hazelnuts
Patricia Fitzgerald – Mandala for July

Seductive Avatar of Maya by Mark Ulyseas

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Terry McDonagh’s book review of Seductive Avatars of Maya

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Seductive Avatars of Maya_Cover_FINAL_5x8_134pages_no MRP.indd

Terry McDonagh‘s book review –

I have just finished reading, SEDUCTIVE AVATARS OF MAYA…a great read with a very unexpected and dramatic finish…Mark Ulyseas immerses us in a confused, dark, dystopian world of real and unreal figures…we feel ‘pity and fear’…and we laugh…but wonder why…enjoy this book. It’s worth it.

Live Encounters Magazine March 2016

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LE Mag March 2016 L

His Beatitude Emeritus Patriarch Michel Sabbah – exclusive interview
Father Dr David M. Neuhaus SJ – Christian Peace-making in Israel-Palestine Today
Rabbi Arik Ascherman – Rabbis for Human Rights
Dr Altaf Qadir – Pakistan’s Academics under siege by Government
Dr Budi Hernawan – Is the Pacific’s solidarity for Papua on the rise?
Yesim Yaprak Yildiz – Aboriginal people against the forced closure…
Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop – Faces of Change in Ethiopia Part 3
Anjum Katyal  – Encounters with Badal Sircar
Anna Salleh – Coração Brasileiro – A Brazilian Heart
Joachim Matschoss – Travel – First World Problems
Mark Ulyseas – The Ugliness of Exceptionalism
Jill Gocher – A message from Rumi


Live Encounters Poetry March 2016

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LE Poetry March 2016 L

David Almaleck Wolinsky – Beggar of the World
David Morgan – Urban Anxieties
Deborah Lavin – Sharp Memories
Deirdre Grimes – It Will Come
Geraldine Mills – The Other Side of Longing
Greta Sykes – Poems on War and Peace
Ingrid Storholmen – Selected Poems
Joachim Matschoss – Thinking in Fragments
Michael Durack – Alchemy
Nasrin Parvaz – Selected Poems
Randhir Khare – In Prague
Terry McDonagh – Guest Editorial Inaugural Live Encounters Poetry Edition

Live Encounters Magazine February 2016

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Paulo Coelho – The three forms of love: Eros, Philos, Agape
Randhir Khare – Where Journeys Meet
Terry McDonagh – On the Train to Dublin July 1st 2014
Philip Casey – Tried and Sentenced
Natalie Wood – Renew This Town’s Life
Elizabeth Willmott-Harrop – Faces of Change in Ethiopia Part 2
Siobhán Airey – Normative Esperanto?
Farrukh Dhondy – Prophet of Love
Jill Gocher – Tajen The Clandestine Cockfight
Mark Ulyseas – Black Maria
Tisha Wardlow – Making Rhinos Count in a World of Indifference


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