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Protesting at Chevron's Annual General Meeting

Dear Mark,

Last Wednesday I opened the front door of my home to take my kids to preschool and before I could take a step, a random man shoved a handful of papers in my face. A subpoena from Chevron.

At that moment, I knew Amazon Watch had been doing something right in our relentless campaign to hold the company accountable for the toxic mess it left in the Ecuadorian Amazon. When a giant corporation like Chevron bothers to mess with a small nonprofit like Amazon Watch, we know our actions have been effective.

In the face of this attack, we see this as a phenomenal opportunity to ramp up our campaign, and we’ll need your help more than ever. Will you give one last gift this year – will you donate to Amazon Watch to make sure we continue to stand up fearlessly to Chevron’s dirty tactics?

You see, not only is this invasive subpoena request a flagrant attack on our first-amendment rights, it is an attempt at miring our organization in a tangential lawsuit designed to distract us from our goal: justice in the Amazon.

But Chevron’s strategy – “fight till hell freezes over” – is actually proving us right. Their crimes in the Amazon have caused the deep and undeniable suffering of thousands of people. And their litigation strategy, designed to destroy anyone involved in supporting the indigenous people and farmers of the Amazon, is nearly as wicked as their poisoning of the rivers and streams of the greatest rainforest on earth.

If Chevron actually plowed through the hundreds of thousands of Amazon Watch documents they’re requesting, they would find nothing more than the spirit, the resolve, the compassion, and the intellect that helped bring the company to its knees.

Help us maintain that inexorable spirit and to finally bring Chevron to justice.
Now is the time to support Amazon Watch. Please donate today.


Paul Paz y Miño
Paul Paz y Miño
Online and Operations Director