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Dear Mark,

Greetings from Brazil, where the last few weeks have been marked by a series of new challenges to Brazil’s plan to build the Belo Monte Dam, signaling hope that the Xingu River and its people could be spared the tragic consequences of this misguided mega-project.

Host a Message From Pandora house party

The time is NOW to organize and respond to the calls of our allies on the ground.
Will you take action today?

First, a landmark vote by a Brazilian federal judge called Belo Monte’s environmental licensing “illegal” due to its violation of indigenous rights, likely sending the case to Brazil’s Supreme Court.

Then on October 26th, Brazil boycotted a meeting with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and peoples affected by Belo Monte, further isolating its government and damaging credibility on the world stage.

The next day I arrived in Altamira in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon to find hundreds of indigenous and riverbank community members from the Xingu River basin occupying the Belo Monte Dam site and Trans-Amazon Highway, blocking construction of work camps and elevating local resistance. After a judge threatened the protesters with “Shock Troops,” they were forced to de-occupy but vowed to return with more support. Will you help them make it happen?

We must harness the potential of this timely moment to support those fighting to preserve the Xingu! Join Amazon Watch and our allies around the world in organizing A Message from Pandorahouse party fundraiser to help raise critical funds to support the Xingu Forever Alive Movement.Sign up today and start gathering your friends, family and colleagues for an event this month.

This is a defining moment in the battle to Defend the Xingu and Stop the Belo Monte Dam. Your support is deeply appreciated!

For the Amazon and its people,

Christian Poirier Christian Poirier
Brazil Program Coordinator