Touch screen cell phone – the price of a boy’s life

Cancerous consumerism has infiltrated every household in India. This incidence is one of many where children have committed suicide because a parent has refused to buy them the latest gadget. What does this say of a nation that has the dubious distinction of having more than 400 million people below or on the poverty line?


Bhopal, March 3, (IANS) : An 11-year-old boy in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur district committed suicide when his parents refused to buy him a touch-screen mobile, police said Saturday.

Sujal Mehar, son of police officer Biharilal Mehar, was a class seven student of Vivekanand English School in Garoth area of Mandsaur.

“Yesterday (Friday), he had gone to school and found that his friend had a touch-screen mobile. After returning, he asked his parents for a touch-screen mobile too. But they refused and his mother even said he will never get one,” Sunil Khemriya, the officer in-charge of Garoth police station, told IANS.

“Soon Sujal went inside the room and using his mother’s sari, hanged himself from the fan,” he added.

Sujal was the Mehars’ only son after three daughters