Abu Hamza – What will India do now with the proof that ISI was involved in the bloody Mumbai attack?

Indian Muslim terrorist Abu Hamza aka Lashkar operative Jundal aka Abu Hamza – whose real name is Zabiuddin Ansari and who has 10 aliases was one of the handlers directing the Pakistani terrorist during the bloody Mumbai attack.

So what will India do? Complain to Pakistan? Cry to the international community? Keep this despicable creature alive with mutton biryani like they do with Kasab, the lone terrorist caught during the Mumbai carnage?

There is no point “talking” to the Pakistan civilian government for they are a bunch of castrated politicians. Apparently the Supreme Court of Pakistan has now collared the present Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and directed him to open the corruption cases against President Zardari. He has been given till July 12 to respond. He cannot do it so he will be thrown out and another bakra (goat) will come along.

I am sure the Pakistan Army and its side kick the ISI will step in sooner than later and conduct a nice little painless coup as this has been the practice since 1958.

In the meanwhile the Pakistan Army is getting its soldiers beheaded by the Taliban in the North while it commits genocide in Balochistan a country it has occupied since 1948 and continues to finance and support cross border terrorism directed at India.

We all wait with bated breath for yet another coup in this banana republic. The truth is Pakistan is a failed/pariah State with internal hemorrhaging of its morals, ethics, culture and public life.

The poor people of Pakistan are now cannon fodder for the Army elite.

A revolution – Pakistani Spring – is definitely brewing in the country and one hopes it comes sooner than later.

The time has come for the UN to step in to safeguard the Pakistani nuclear weapons from its own “establishment” and sends an international peacekeeping force to Balochistan to protect the Baloch from the Pak Frontier Rifles and the murderous ISI.