Support Asma Jahangir – A Brave Pakistani Woman!

Please read this report for it reflects the true picture of what Pakistan has become…a nation ruled by those in uniform who are not answerable to anyone. And these are the people who hid Osama Bin Laden, still protect and finance terror groups. 

“I am not afraid nor will I leave the country” – Human rights activist and prominent lawyer Asma Jahangir has accused “high-level security authorities” of having made a plan for her assassination.

She said the trend of killing progressive intellectuals should be brought to an end. “We are not going to accept this mindset in the country at any cost.”  The plan to assassinate her had not been made by any individual but by state security operators.

Ms Jahangir said the “khaki waley” (uniformed folk) had no right to take decisions about the future of Pakistan. Only the people of the country have the right to decide about their future

Replying to a question, she said the interior minister had telephoned her and deployed a Rangers squad for her security but the arrangements were not satisfactory. President Asif Ali Zardari has also discussed the matter with her.


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