Indonesian executions – How arrogant of the Dutch


The Dutch foreign minister, Bert Koenders, said in a statement late on Saturday he had temporarily recalled the country’s ambassador to Indonesia and summoned Indonesia’s representative in The Hague to protest against Ang’s execution. He said it was carried out despite King Willem-Alexander and the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, personally contacting Widodo.

How arrogant as if the former colonial power can dictate to a former colony. We all know how the Dutch ruled Indonesia!

Incidentally the Dutchman was sentenced to death for operating a huge factory producing the drug ecstasy.

An Indonesian firing squad has executed five foreigners and an Indonesian woman convicted on drug trafficking charges despite appeals to spare them, with the Jakarta government defending the action as necessary to combat the rising drug trade.

Indonesia’s attorney general, Muhammad Prasetyo, said drug trafficking rings had spread to many places, including remote villages where most victims were youngsters of productive age. Indonesia has become the largest drug market in south-east Asia with 45% of the region’s drugs in circulation.

Are people so fucking dumb smuggling drugs to Indonesia when they know they will face the death penalty?

Don’t blame Indonesia. If you want to help, help Indonesia stop the influx of drugs.