Abortion – a misconception?

This is dedicated to all those wonderful, beautiful, enchanting women out there who make life bearable and meaningful for many (including me) – thank you.

As modern society careens on into an uncertain future issues of great import keep snapping at its feet; and one that refuses to go away is abortion – a ‘missed conception’ as one smart aleck grandiosely announced.

Quips and the hyperventilation aside we need to look at a reality that stems unfortunately from organized religion that feeds on the frailty, insecurity and superstition of humanity. Hell, damnation and ostracization from society appears to be the standard format that we see frequently being employed.

Why is the woman always the slut that seduces man? Why is the woman seen as the misguiding factor in an otherwise predictable life of man? Eve seduced Adam or was it the other way round?

In abortion, pontification with self induced illusions of Man’s infallibility point to the woman as the harlot, the one who destroys life while at the same time honoring mothers, sisters and genuflecting before goddesses of every hue.  The paradox is evident in the Ramayana – read the saga of Sita.

The parody of man holds center stage when a woman announces that she is having an abortion. The flurry of indignation appears to be self indulgent – suddenly the sanctity of life is paraded by those self appointed gendarmes of gender suffering from incontinence of spirit.

Who are these people?

Who are these who seek to infiltrate one’s life, to stand as guardians of the absurd?

Are their actions merely projections of their own lives – one of hypocrisy and religious demarcations?

Maybe it is time to accept what Simone de Beauvoir said, “One is not born but rather becomes a woman”, a biting indictment of society as a whole.

Abortion is the sole purview, the ultimate decision that one human being makes to announce to all that one’s body is one’s own and therefore does not belong to a society, state or to any designated version of religious retardation.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om