Greenpeace – Polar Bears Vs. Oil Companies!

Dear  Mark,

First, some great news: we launched the Save the Arctic campaign less than three weeks ago, and over 500,000 people have already joined.

Polar bears are dying and climate change is threatening them with extinction. These animals depend on sea ice for feeding and as the Arctic ice shrinks and thins, they are forced to move to solid ground where there is not much to eat. Undernourished bears breed less and are more likely to lose cubs by miscarriage. If this continues, the species itself could disappear.

Big oil companies – that have played a major part in creating this environmental crime – are now ready to take advantage of the retreating sea ice. This year Shell wants to start drilling in the Arctic for oil, putting the polar bear’s fragile habitat at greater risk, as a spill here would be impossible to contain and have devastating impacts on this unique environment.

We need to keep offshore oil drilling out of the Arctic and save the polar bear’s home. We can only do this with your help.

Act now! Click here.

Your name, together with the first million Arctic defenders, will be added to a scroll we’ll plant on the North Pole seabed together with a Flag for the Future to demand world leaders declare the Arctic off limits to oil drilling and industrial fishing and create a global sanctuary in the area around the North Pole.

The polar bears’ future is already at risk. Their habitat is rapidly changing and their chance of finding food melts away with the ice. As sea ice disappears, they have to swim across longer distances in search of food and solid ground. Sometimes bear cubs following their mothers are unable to make it and drown.

We cannot let oil companies put their habitat under further threat. We need to stop them drilling in the Arctic. We need you to save the polar bear. Click here to sign and share.

Together we will demand that world leaders declare a global sanctuary around the North Pole and ban off-shore oil drilling and unsustainable fishing in the Arctic.

Polar bears need your help.

Thank you very much for your support,

Ben Ayliffe
Polar campaigner