Pro-zack for the Prosaic

The pill – a miracle for the prosaic – an exit to Disneyland,
a short trip then boredom sets in, the sign of satisfied ignorance.

Ordinary people are beautiful.
Ordinariness an ongoing catharsis self implanted  in the cerebral cortex of those sterile of imagination and spirit. Benign bovines ruminating at  a garbage dump somewhere where civic sense is absent out of choice.

  • What is the correct dosage for castrated government officials and petulant politicians? 2 pills a day to be taken with sufficient delusions so that the molecules work to invigorate and perpetuate aggrandizement through the unique process of corruption, which in turn creates sycophancy, the genuflection before false gods.
  • For the dispensers of medicare, 4 pills a day, the minimum dose to inculcate a sense of proportion to influence the absurd levels of fees that should be charged to those bovines susceptible to illnesses.
  • The teachers that promote education by forcing children to carry books (nearly their own weight) to school and back everyday – 10 pills not to be taken orally but inserted in the prime area where the sun doesn’t shine.
  • Married folk – 12 pills each to be swallowed whole during verbal intercourse so as to prevent them from fighting over the TV remote.
  • For those partial to the same sex, no dose applicable.
  • Others who live unconscious lives intentionally, 14 pills per day i.e. 7 orally and 7 inserted.
  • Creative folk including those that vandalize public property – a placebo to be swallowed whole through a straw while lying horizontal.
  • For tobacco/caffeine addicts – no dose as it may promote implosion of their pulsating extremities.
  • For self appointed religious retards and other cultural contraptions – 5 pills to be ground in holy water and gently applied all over the gray cells to enhance concept of free will and other related concepts.

To be continued…