In defense of Julian Assange












What is the truth behind the leaks?
Why does Julian Assange do what he does?
Who is responsible for the leaks and what will be the repercussions?
Is this manifestation of the Ego, self-destruction or colon cleansing of society?

I suppose history always decides this in hindsight but in the meantime let us speak in defense of Julian Assange, a knight out of Camelot, seeking the right to expose the truth thereby endangering his life for the sake of cyberspace freedom.

The publication of embassy cables, secret communication between politicians and government officials across the globe has come as a ray of hope for those who seek the truth in world affairs. Interestingly, it has impacted individual pride, exposed skewered government directives, and enlightened all to the prevalent political septicemia e.g. politicians appearing in the media saying one thing while missives to their respective governments reflecting the opposite. The mask is off. The pantomine has become a parody of puerile political shenanigans.

Julian Assange is not a criminal though he has been a wayward computer hacker in the past. This should not be held against him or used as an excuse to brand him a spy, traitor or a thief. For want of a better word he is the sorcerer of revelations – unfettered by social structures and conditioned perspectives of a modern society. Assange is the new age gladiator fighting against overwhelming odds; his sword being Wikileaks that delivers the message of truth in the macrocosm of the internet. He probably knows he is a dead man walking.

Those against this knight who cannot refute the damning evidence seek to discredit him by attempting to incarcerate this harbinger of truth on charges that have no bearing in the realm of exposures; And through his prosecution hope to enforce the laws of an alien land. Many hyper ventilating citizens of this alien land have shouted for his assassination and have suggested unspeakable retribution. This attempt at enforcing world domination is thinly disguised as concern for national security.  Sadly, it emanates from a land that is often perceived as the personification of Freedom and the First Amendment.

Humanity has spoken in a devastating manner to deliver the message that a new world is dawning and it is for the people, by the people and with the people.  We are witnessing a revolution in the ongoing evolution of cyberspace and individual freedom. The frontiers of Free Speech are pushing further towards a brave new world that could lead to a Village Earth i.e. humanity as one, living in peace, without the unnatural warped boundaries of countries and heady political concoctions.

But before this can happen, we are all on trial and the outcome depends on the acquittal of Julian Assange.

Please let truth prevail.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om