India – Rajasthan cops beat woman mercilessly…

Women are not safe in India. Even the Police feel the need to beat them mercilessly against all norms of human decency and human rights. Please read this shameful episode where policemen from the State of Rajasthan (capital Jaipur) went to another State in search of a woman who infact was a victim of marital violence. Instead she ended up being beaten by three male cops inside a police station!

This is how Police protect the women in India.


Chindwara, Madhya Pradesh: In a brutal act displayed by the Rajasthan Police, a woman was allegedly beaten up inside a police station in Madhya Pradesh’s Chindwara district yesterday.

The police team from Rajasthan had come to Chindwara with a search warrant for the woman as her husband in the Nimbada district of Rajasthan had lodged a complaint that she was being kept against her will in Chindwara by a professor.

When the police team reached Chindwara to look for the victim, she said she came here as her husband used to harass her for dowry. When she refused to go back to Rajasthan, the police officials beat her up – they pushed her around, pulled her hair and shoved her into their jeep.

The local Superintendent of Police has suspended four police officials of the Chindwara police station including an assistant sub-inspector for not stopping the Rajasthan policemen from thrashing the woman and staying mute spectators. Meanwhile, the woman has filed an FIR against the three Rajasthan cops who beat her up.


Instead of sacking the policemen they were “suspended”, which means they get half pay pending investigation. This often happens in India. “Suspended” is the way to go so that the same policemen will return to the force “after” investigation!