Flight 370 – two places to look

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Flight 370 could be in only two places: either the Bay of Bengal or in Burma.
And if it is a hijack then the best place to look is East Africa.

Ukraine – the plot thickens

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Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton have their phones hacked and their conversation leaked…hahahaha.. I wonder who were the real instigators in the Ukraine people’s ‘uprising’.  Urmas is heard informing Ashton that the snipers who shot and killed policemen and protestors were actually hired by leaders of Maiden…and more.


My Friend Rainy- Waiting Room – Chapter 23

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My friend Rainy pic by Mark Ulyseas


“Rainy…are you awake?”

“Yes. Dreaming again?”

“No, I want to talk”, I reply and get up, switch on the light and walk to the kitchen.

“What is it mate? Hey while you’re in the kitchen could I get some milk?”


I return with a shot of absinthe and a bowl of milk for Rainy and retire to the verandah. Rainy quickly polishes off the milk and jumps onto the verandah wall…he sits there, legs crossed, looking out into the ethereal light of dawn.

“What is it”, he asks as if talking to the silhouettes of palm trees.

“Memories…they play tricks when you dream.  Could dreams be regurgitated memories that reflect all that could have been not what had actually happened?  Is this a waiting room that we live in? You know like that in a hospital where we wait to be treated?  The dream I awoke from was real…I was sitting in a waiting room in a hospital. There was no one there, just the sound of chanting down the corridor. Every once in a while a person in white would wheel a body covered in a blue cloth on a stretcher past me and down the corridor. It felt as if I was witnessing the passing away of my relatives. Then one stopped. And the body sat up…as the cloth fell away I noticed it was me. The man gently pushed the body down, pulled the cloth over it and began wheeling it away…down the corridor where the chanting grew louder.”

“How do you feel now?”

“I feel as if my soul has been removed, taken away…wheeled away under that blue cloth”.

Rainy jumps down from the wall and places his head on my lap.

“Just yesterday I remembered my little cousin who passed away so many years ago. She was all of 6 years old…she got sick and she died. It was as if this world was a waiting room for her. What a beautiful child. What a pointless existence,” I say as if speaking to myself.

“That is one way of looking at it. And there is another.”

“Is there? Really?”

“You don’t have to be sarcastic. This world is a physical world which has limitations like disease, age and more. No one can control it, not even those that you pray to. A free will exists that is truly unfettered…no ropes to tie one down. So death can come along anytime, anywhere. Grief is pointless for this too burdens the soul. And speaking of souls…yours probably has taken a leave of absence…I have been sensing a change in you for some time now. I know you have to move on, to travel for sometime…so when are you leaving?” asks Rainy expectantly.

“I don’t know. Maybe when my soul returns… but maybe by then it would be too late”.

Rainy jumps onto my lap, lays his head in my arms and goes to sleep.

The first rays of the sun lights up the white washed church next to the house…the bells ring…it is time for mass.

The faithful trudge past the house in silence.

A short while later I hear them chanting…


Oh India why do you continue to murder your baby girls?

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Shame on you India. You talk of your great ancient culture but yet in the 21st century you rape, beat and murder your women…even throwing away newborn baby girls. Is this the incredible India that you advertise to the world?

The following news report is heart breaking. A newborn baby girl was found in a river with her mouth sealed with duct tape.

Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu:  A newborn baby was found dead in the Cauvery river at Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu.
Police say the mouth of the infant girl was sealed with a tape used for packing. ”We have buried the body. We are probing to trace those responsible for this murder,” a police officer told NDTV. The incident occurred despite the Cradle Baby Scheme in which cradles are provided in several hospitals where parents could leave behind unwanted babies, who are then taken of care by the state government. –LINK

How can the Indian Government’s efforts to curb violence against the women, girls and female foetuses when the Indian mindset has not changed. Some say it is embedded in the culture, whilst others claim that the majority of Indian males view females as receptacles for the male libido and beasts of burden.

The myth of Mother India is just what it is, a myth.

Breasts and Politics and FEMENs

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This is for those women who consider themselves “Feminists” and feel that they get a raw deal from the “men”. Inna Shevchenko a FEMENist from Ukraine is interviewed by Oksana of RT on why the organisation ‘FEMEN’ bares their breasts as a form of protest. Inna claims that women from childhood are forced to look good for the men, are forced into motherhood etc. I wish Simone de Beauvoir was around with her tome, The Second Sex. For the men viewers, sorry no dirty pictures:)


Sperm Smuggling

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Believe it or leave it. Here is a news report of Muslim women who impregnate themselves with their husbands’ sperm which has been smuggled out of Israeli jails where their husbands are incarcerated. How can one not admire these women?

Humans evolved from male pig and female chimp

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I suppose this News Report puts everything into perspective.

LONDON: Humans are actually hybrids, who emerged as an offspring of a male pig and a female chimpanzee, according to one of the world’s leading geneticist.

Turning the theory of human ancestry on its head, Dr Eugene McCarthy — one of the world’s leading authorities on hybridization in animals from the University of Georgia has suggested that humans didn’t evolve from just apes but was a backcross hybrid of a chimpanzee and pigs.

His hypothesis is based on the fact that though humans have many features in common with chimps, there are a lot more that don’t correspond to any other primates. He then suggests that there is only one animal in the animal kingdom that has all of the traits which distinguish humans from our primate cousins.

“What is this other animal that has all these traits? The answer is Sus scrofa – the ordinary pig” he says.

He explains: “Genetically, we’re close to chimpanzees, and yet we have many physical traits that distinguish us from chimpanzees. One fact, however, suggests the need for an open mind: as it turns out, many features that distinguish humans from chimpanzees also distinguish them from all other primates. Features found in human beings, but not in other primates, cannot be accounted for by hybridization of a primate with some other primate. If hybridization is to explain such features, the cross will have to be between a chimpanzee and a non-primate – an unusual, distant cross to create an unusual creature.”

Dr McCarthy suggests that Charles Darwin told only half the story of human evolution.

“We believe that humans are related to chimpanzees because humans share so many traits with chimpanzees. Is it not rational then also, if pigs have all the traits that distinguish humans from other primates, to suppose that humans are also related to pigs? Let us take it as our hypothesis, then, that humans are the product of ancient hybridization between pig and chimpanzee,” he said.

According to Dr McCarthy, if we compare humans with non-mammals or invertebrates like the crocodile, bullfrog, octopus, dragonfly and starfish, pigs and chimpanzees suddenly seem quite similar to humans.

Pigs and chimpanzees differ in chromosome counts. The opinion is often expressed that when two animals differ in this way, they cannot produce fertile hybrids. This rule is, however, only a generalization. While such differences do tend to have an adverse effect on the fertility of hybrid offspring, it is also true that many different types of crosses in which the parents differ in chromosome counts produce hybrids that capable themselves of producing offspring.

There is substantial evidence supporting the idea that very distantly related mammals can mate and produce a hybrid.

Another suggestive fact, Dr McCarthy says is the frequent use of pigs in the surgical treatment of human beings. Pig heart valves are used to replace those of human coronary patients. Pig skin is used in the treatment of human burn victims. “Serious efforts are now underway to transplant kidneys and other organs from pigs into human beings. Why are pigs suited for such purposes? Why not goats, dogs, or bears – animals that, in terms of taxonomic classification, are no more distantly related to human beings than pigs?,” he said.

“It might seem unlikely that a pig and a chimpanzee would choose to mate, but their behaviour patterns and reproductive anatomy does, in fact, make them compatible. It is, of course, a well-established fact that animals sometimes attempt to mate with individuals that are unlike themselves, even in a natural setting, and that many of these crosses successfully produce hybrid offspring,” he adds.

Dr Eugene McCarthy says that the fact that even modern-day humans are relatively infertile may be significant in this connection.

“If a hybrid population does not die out altogether, it will tend to improve in fertility with each passing generation under the pressure of natural selection. Fossils indicate that we have had at least 200,000 years to recover our fertility since the time that the first modern humans (Homo sapiens) appeared. The earliest creatures generally recognized as human ancestors (Ardipithecus, Orrorin) date to about six million years ago. So our fertility has had a very long time to improve. If we have been recovering for thousands of generations and still show obvious symptoms of sterility, then our earliest human ancestors, if they were hybrids, must have suffered from aninfertility that was quite severe. This line of reasoning, too, suggests that the chimpanzee might have produced Homo sapiens by crossing with a genetically incompatible mate, possibly even one outside the primate order,” he said.


So folks say hello to our ancestors:)

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