Live Encounters Magazine April 2012

Live Encounters Magazine April 2012

Vishnu – Guardian of the Forest by Mark Ulyseas

An overview of Bannerghatta National Park and the prevailing human-elephant conflict

Carol Buckley – Matriarch of the Herd speaks to Mark Ulyseas on her life, work and the creation of care centres for elephants

Goa 2007 Robin Marchesi

Terry McDonagh’s latest book, In the Light of Windows – Hamburg Fragments, is to be launched on April 26th  in Hamburg:

A New Passover Sacrifice, a short story by Natalie Wood

Photo Feature – India and Laos – Joo Peter

Creating your Life through TranceCandess M Campbell

Old Room – tribute to Jeff Richman – John Chester Lewis

A Tale of Two Singles – the legend of the Royal Enfield – Santosh RajKumar

Biker Sam Lovett chats with Mark Ulyseas about his bike tours across the Indian sub-continent

A message from the Universe

I received this in the mail today and thought I would share it with WordPress bloggers.

It’s not from the known, but the unknown, that creativity and inventiveness are born.

Turn away from the predictable, cliché, and reliable. Brave the void where the darkness is greatest. Trust the quiet, find the stillness, feel the calm. Then steadily think, speak, and move as if you were led. Behave as if your vision were clear. Anticipate the emotional rush that will come with your triumph. And as if by magic, as you raise your pen to write, you’ll find the words have already been summoned, flooded in light that was there all along, in a world that has just as anxiously anticipated your arrival.

The Universe

Eye on the Amazon: People Power Unites!

Amazon Watch
November 2011

Dear Mark,

It’s an exciting time to be on the planet, working for a more just and harmonious world. As we enter the season of “Thanksgiving,” it’s important to reflect on all the positive change brought about by peoples’ movements in 2011: From the indigenous movement in Bolivia where a 65-day march forced the cancellation of a new road in the rainforest, to the environmental movement that forced the delay of the Keystone XL pipeline, to the local communities of the Xingu River in Brazil who briefly occupied the Belo Monte Dam site, to the occupy movement around the world inspired by the movement for an Arab Spring, it continues to be an amazing year of hopeful change.

The planetary challenges we face require rapid and fundamental shifts that can only happen by joining together a diverse mosaic of movements. We invite you to join Amazon Watch in standing with the indigenous peoples movement in critical battles for justice and ecological balance. As we move into the holiday season, we ask you to consider a year-end donation and to explore other ways you can support our work, while making green energy and financial choices at the same time.

For the Earth and Future Generations,

Atossa Soltani
Atossa Soltani
Atossa Soltani
Executive Director

Occupy Belo Monte!

Occupy Belo Monte!

Brazil Campaigner Christian Poirier sends this dispatch from the field after witnessing a daring occupation of the massive Belo Monte Dam work camp and Trans-Amazon highway led by a coalition of indigenous peoples, local farmers, fisher folk, and members of social movements. On October 27th, protests paralyzed work on a portion of the dam complex, sending a strong signal that there is widespread resistance to the federal government’s plans to bulldoze the Xingu River and their rights.


Host a Message from Pandora House Party!

Host a Message from Pandora
House Party!

In solidarity with the Xingu Alive Forever Movement (MXVPS) in the Brazilian Amazon, Amazon Watch is organizing international house parties to support the battle to defend the Xingu River and the rights of local communities. We invite you to join us to harness the power of this critical moment to support those fighting to stop the Belo Monte Dam! Join caring people from around the world in organizingA Message from Pandora house party fundraiser to help raise critical funds and awareness. We’ll provide videos and all you need to host an event in a convenient tool kit.


18 Years of Fighting Chevron

18 Years of Fighting Chevron

This month marks 18 years since the start of the landmark legal battle to hold Chevron (formerly Texaco) accountable for nearly 50 years of reckless pump and dump oil operations in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The company’s operations led to abandoned oil pits still littered throughout the rainforest, billions of gallons of toxic wastewater dumped into rivers and streams, noxious flaring gases rising into the sky, towering black plumes of smoke from burning crude, and a public health crisis racking indigenous and mestizo farmer communities, including cancer, spontaneous miscarriages, and birth defects. In recognition of 18 years of fighting for justice, the Cofán recorded this heartfelt song for you.


A Tribute to our Indigenous Partners

A Tribute to our Indigenous Partners

Delve into the lives of the indigenous rainforest guardians who call the Amazon their home and who know the forests intimately in this three-part series, The Privilege of Working with Indigenous Rainforest Guardians. Amazon Watch volunteer Hank Edson illuminates the critical importance of making the foundation of our activism a strong partnership with the indigenous peoples who still retain an authentic, sustainable connection to the ecosystems we hope to save, nurture and preserve.


Bolivian Indigenous March a Success

Bolivian Indigenous March a Success

In response to indigenous protests, last month Bolivian President Evo Morales canceled a controversial road project slated to slice through the pristine TIPNIS rainforest reserve. The road’s cancellation illustrates the growing power of indigenous movements on the continent. Over the course of 65 days, marchers braved cold, fatigue and even violent police repression. Undeterred, they garnered increasing national and international support as they walked to the country’s capital La Paz and met with President Morales, eventually winning the cancellation of the road.


Chief Justice Markandeya Katju – media should hold a mirror to itself

There is a storm brewing in India between the “Free Press” and the Honourable Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court, Markandeya Katju.

It began with His Honour’s recent views of the Indian media. This is what he had to say.

“Media divides people on religious lines…Journalists have low intellectual calibre…Have not studied economics, politics, literature or philosophy…”  Chief Justice Markandeya also suggested “media should hold a mirror to itself “

The sanctimonious reaction from the Indian media has been as predicted.

Coomi Kapoor, General Secretary of the Editors’ Guild of India said, “It is unfortunate that Justice Katju has taken such derogatory tone against people with whom he would be working for the next three years”.

Is this a veiled threat to Justice Katju and does it imply that the Honourable Chief Justice “has” to work “hand in hand” with the Press? And that the Press is above the Law of ethics and therefore is not accountable?

The Indian media has grown unfettered into a billion dollar business. With the advent of cable television viewership now exceeds 600 million people. Often reports are not researched and news that should be news is usually the subjective opinions of the anchors. This is fast becoming a rule rather than an exception.

The Honourable judge has spoken for the illiterate masses who can only watch TV and therefore rely on it for news, views etc.

Dhaniyavad your Honour keep going the Indian Public supports you !

I leave you with this line from a John Fogerty song,

“I know it’s true, oh so true, ’cause I saw it on TV”

Well done FBI for capturing Most Wanted Fugitive Richard Carl Heeringa!

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For Immediate Release Contact:
November 01, 2011 Supervisory Deputy Charlie Ahmad, District of Colorado
Violent Offender Task Force (720) 748-2938;
USMS Office of Public Affairs (202) 307-9065
U.S. Marshals Capture 15 Most Wanted Convicted Child Molester in Detroit
Richard Carl Heeringa (Captured)Washington – U.S. Marshal John Kammerzell and Douglas County Sheriff David A. Weaver announce the capture of U.S. Marshals Service 15 Most Wanted Fugitive Richard Carl Heeringa in Detroit, Mich., Saturday. Heeringa was added to the 15 Most Wanted list in July.

“The capture of predators such as Richard Heeringa, who ruthlessly preyed upon young girls, will always be priority one for us,” said Geoff Shank, Acting Assistant Director of the U.S. Marshals Investigative Operations Division. “I thank our deputies, and all of our law enforcement partners, for their tireless persistence in bringing this fugitive to justice.”

Following a two-week trial in April 2010, a jury found Heeringa guilty of 17 counts of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust and failure to register as a sex offender. He is facing more than 500 years in prison. Heeringa had not been seen since he fled in the middle of the night on April 15, 2010, the same day the jury reached their guilty verdict.

Authorities were gravely concerned Heeringa would not change his criminal ways and therefore put forth every effort to locate and apprehend him before he victimized another young girl. Those efforts included dedicating significant resources to the investigation, issuing a federal warrant for Heeringa charging him with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and adding him to the U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted list.

“The capture of a violent predator such as Heeringa exemplifies the coming together of numerous local, state, and federal agencies. I am very proud of the hard work and swift action taken which resulted in the safe apprehension of Richard Heeringa,” said John Kammerzell, U.S. Marshal for the District of Colorado.

On Saturday, investigators from the U.S. Marshals Service Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team and Detroit Police Department Officers were contacted by a local citizen with information on a man they believed was on the America’s Most Wanted website. DFAT investigators determined the individual in question was Richard Heeringa, a U.S. Marshals Service 15 Most Wanted Fugitive and that the tip was credible. The citizen informed police Heeringa had been living in Detroit for approximately one year and was known by the alias Tim Thurman.

Deputy U.S. Marshals from Michigan worked closely with Deputy U.S. Marshals in Colorado to verify information about Heeringa and were able to further substantiate the person was indeed the fugitive Richard Heeringa. DFAT investigators established surveillance at the residence in question located at the 20000 block of Ohio Street in Detroit where Heeringa was believed to be living in the basement.
DFAT made entry into the house and located Richard Heeringa at approximately 6:30 p.m., Saturday. He was taken into custody and transported to the Livonia Police Department for processing.

Heeringa, 55, previously served 12 years in prison in Michigan following a sex assault conviction there. Shortly after being released from prison in 2004, Heeringa met a single mother from Colorado.

In 2005, he moved to Colorado and began living with the mother and her daughter. He soon began sexually abusing the 12 year old and continued the abuse until January 2008, when the child came forward with allegations of sexual abuse resulting in his 2010 conviction. He has two other sex assault cases pending in Colorado.

“The Capture of Richard Heeringa is an extraordinary example of how multiple law enforcement agencies are able to work together to locate and apprehend a dangerous sexual predator. We can’t change what Heeringa has done in the past, but we are able to hold him accountable for his actions and prevent him from harming other innocent victims in the future,” said Douglas County Sheriff David A. Weaver.

The Heeringa 15 Most Wanted fugitive investigation received assistance from multiple federal, state, local and international agencies including the Douglas County Colorado Sheriff’s Office, the U.S. Marshals Colorado Violent Offender Task Force, the U.S. Marshals Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Task Force, the District of Colorado’s U.S. Attorneys’ Office, Interpol NCB Washington, America’s Most Wanted and many more.

Additional information about the U.S. Marshals Service can be found at

Breaking news – Julian Assange loses appeal on verge of extradition to Sweden

This is truly a sad day for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Information and a Free Press.

Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Ouseley on Wednesday handed down their judgment in the 40-year-old Australian’s appeal against a European arrest warrant issued by Swedish prosecutors after rape and sexual assault accusations made by two Swedish women following his visit to Stockholm in August 2010.

Has the US Government won and will they finally get him to the States for incarceration?

Yes, in all possibility because Sweden is a stooge. Never has one seen such speedy justice (issuance of an arrest warrant for a ‘possible’ rape…it is even faster than for those that wear religious garb and spout hatred and death to infidels!). This arrest warrant is politically motivated.

All those that treasure Free Speech, Freedom of Press, Freedom of information and Civil Rights please stand up for this man, for Wikileaks, and help keep Julian Assange from those that seek revenge for revealing the TRUTH – that governments across the globe are corrupt and devoid of ethics and morals!

Banks, Credit Card companies et all have digressed from standard business practices by illegally blocking funds to Wikileaks and deliberately short circuiting Wikileaks operations…and all this supported by the US Government.

And to think Sweden will give him a fair trial?

And why is Australia not protecting one of its citizens? Has it too become a stooge of international intrigue?

This is truly a sad day for one who has helped change the face of media forever.

Julian Assange, you have many followers all over the world (not hackers) but ordinary citizens who believe that you have revealed the TRUTH and therefore should be protected from powerful vested interests.

I sincerely hope better sense will prevail and Assange is allowed to at least return to his home country…

If the international media does not support Julian Assange now then there will come a time when government will encroach upon Civil Liberties and Freedom of Speech and the MEDIA…but by then it would be too late.

The bitter truth could be that Julian Assange will live out the rest of his life as a resident of Guantanamo Bay…

Julian Assange we wish you well, mate.