Malala Yousufzai – a brave young Pak student attacked by Taliban

What kind of people are these who shot a young Pakistani School girl, Malala Yousufzai, who blogged about the excesses of the Taliban?

Here is a very disturbing news report. The scum who attacked this brave young school girl should be hunted down like dogs and killed. I hope all self respecting Pakistanis like Malala continue to raise their voice against the Talibanisation of Pakistan. My prayers are for Malala who lies in hospital, grievously injured.

Malala Yousufzai, the first recipient of Pakistan’s National Peace Award for Youth


Islamabad: A 14-year-old Pakistani girl, who emerged as an unlikely champion of peace in the former Taliban stronghold of Swat, was seriously injured when a suspected militant attacked her car in the country’s restive northwest today.

Malala Yousufzai, the first recipient of Pakistan’s National Peace Award for Youth, was hit by at least two bullets when the gunman fired at her car in Swat, located 160 km from Islamabad.

Two other children were injured in the attack that occurred outside Yousufzai’s school.

Yousufzai was rushed to a hospital in Saidu Sharif town where doctors performed an emergency surgery, TV news channels reported.

Security forces cordoned off the hospital. The attack occurred as the girls were leaving the

school after it closed early due to a protest by government employees.

The gunman asked people in the area to point out Yousufzai and then fired at her car, witnesses said.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Yousufzai received several threats after she began writing about the excesses of the Taliban in a blog.

In March, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan said Yousufzai and social worker Shad Begum were on the militants’ ‘hit list’.

Shad Begum was among 10 women conferred the International Women of Courage Award by the US. Yousufzai received the first National Peace Award for Youth from former premier Yousuf Raza Gilani in December last year for her “courageous and outstanding services for the promotion of education and peace under extremely hostile conditions” in Swat.

The teenage girl was a victim of the ban imposed by the Taliban on education for girls after the Swat region was overrun by the militants in 2008.

She wrote about her pain and anguish while blogging for BBC Urdu under the pseudonym Gul Makai.

Yousufzai had encouraged her fellow students to continue their studies despite threats from militants before the military launched an operation to flush out the Taliban from Swat in 2009.

Besides being nominated for the International Peace Prize for Children, she was also decorated with the Sitara-i-Jurat.

The government sent the army into Swat in early 2009 after the Taliban began extending their  influence to districts located 100 km from Islamabad.

Hundreds of Taliban fighters were captured or killed but most of the top commanders, including Mullah Fazlullah, managed to escape to Afghanistan.


Please share this report with the world. Let people know what is happening to the young citizens in Pakistan. Young citizens bravely fighting against fundamentalism. They need our support.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

FBI – Help catch a terrorist!

Abousamra poster
View Wanted Poster | Press Release

Help Us Catch a Terrorist
U.S. Citizen Wanted for Supporting Al Qaeda


The FBI today announced a reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to the arrest of Ahmad Abousamra, a U.S. citizen from Massachusetts charged with traveling to Pakistan and Yemen to seek military training so he could kill American soldiers.

“Knowing that the public is the FBI’s best ally in finding fugitives, today we’re requesting your assistance to locate Abousamra,” said Richard DesLauriers, special agent in charge of our Boston office.


– Ahmad Abousamra Voice Clip
– Podcast: Investigator Discusses Case

Abousamra is charged with conspiracy to provide material support or resources to al Qaeda. He was indicted in 2009 for taking multiple trips to Pakistan and Yemen in 2002 and 2004 to seek jihad training. He also traveled to Iraq with the hope of joining forces fighting against Americans overseas. Abousamra left the U.S. in 2006 and may be living in living in Aleppo, Syria with his wife, at least one daughter, and extended family.

Abousamra’s co-conspirator, Tarek Mehanna, was convicted of terrorism charges by a federal jury in December 2011 and sentenced last April to 17.5 years in prison.

“Both men were self-radicalized and used the Internet to educate themselves,” said Special Agent Heidi Williams, a member of our Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) in Boston who has been working the case since 2006. “They came to it independently, but once they found each other, they encouraged each other’s beliefs,” Williams said, adding that both Abousamra and Mehanna were inspired by the 9/11 terror attacks. “They celebrated it,” she said.

Abousamra is of Syrian descent and has dual U.S. and Syrian citizenship. He is 31 years old, 5’11” tall, and at the time of his disappearance weighed about 170 pounds. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is fluent in English and Arabic, has a college degree related to computer technology, and was previously employed at a telecommunications company. Abousamra last lived in the U.S. in a prosperous Boston suburb and has family members in the Detroit, Michigan area.

One of his distinguishing characteristics is his higher-pitched voice, which can be heard on our website.

Transcript | Download

Today’s announcement is part of a publicity campaign employing traditional and social media to seek the public’s assistance. We are using social media to reach an overseas audience—information about Abousamra such as photos and audio clips can be found on the website and our Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter pages.

“Combining the reach and power of multiple media platforms is a powerful way to inform the public about our search,” DesLauriers said. “We believe publicizing Abousamra’s photo and characteristics will lead to a tip about his whereabouts and, ultimately, to his arrest.”

Thomas Daly, a sergeant with the Lowell Police Department in Massachusetts and a task force officer on the Boston JTTF since 2002, said catching Abousamra “will close the chapter on this story. We had two people who were planning to harm U.S. soldiers overseas,” Daly said, referring to Abousamra and Mehanna. “These two were actively radicalizing others. We can only assume Abousamra is still on the same path and remains a threat to our soldiers overseas.”

We need your help. If you have any information regarding Ahmad Abousamra, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate. You can also submit a tip electronically on our website.

– FBI Boston Press Release Announcing $50,000 Reward
– Tarek Mehanna Sentenced in Boston to 17 Years in Prison on Terrorism-Related Charges
– Superseding Indictment Charges Two Men with Conspiring to Provide Material Support to a Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization
– Two Men Charged with Material Support to Terrorists, Conspiracy to Kill in a Foreign Country, and Other Offenses

Abu Hamza – What will India do now with the proof that ISI was involved in the bloody Mumbai attack?

Indian Muslim terrorist Abu Hamza aka Lashkar operative Jundal aka Abu Hamza – whose real name is Zabiuddin Ansari and who has 10 aliases was one of the handlers directing the Pakistani terrorist during the bloody Mumbai attack.

So what will India do? Complain to Pakistan? Cry to the international community? Keep this despicable creature alive with mutton biryani like they do with Kasab, the lone terrorist caught during the Mumbai carnage?

There is no point “talking” to the Pakistan civilian government for they are a bunch of castrated politicians. Apparently the Supreme Court of Pakistan has now collared the present Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and directed him to open the corruption cases against President Zardari. He has been given till July 12 to respond. He cannot do it so he will be thrown out and another bakra (goat) will come along.

I am sure the Pakistan Army and its side kick the ISI will step in sooner than later and conduct a nice little painless coup as this has been the practice since 1958.

In the meanwhile the Pakistan Army is getting its soldiers beheaded by the Taliban in the North while it commits genocide in Balochistan a country it has occupied since 1948 and continues to finance and support cross border terrorism directed at India.

We all wait with bated breath for yet another coup in this banana republic. The truth is Pakistan is a failed/pariah State with internal hemorrhaging of its morals, ethics, culture and public life.

The poor people of Pakistan are now cannon fodder for the Army elite.

A revolution – Pakistani Spring – is definitely brewing in the country and one hopes it comes sooner than later.

The time has come for the UN to step in to safeguard the Pakistani nuclear weapons from its own “establishment” and sends an international peacekeeping force to Balochistan to protect the Baloch from the Pak Frontier Rifles and the murderous ISI. 

Is Pakistan Ambassador to US Sherry Rehman just another pretty face?

Sherry has reacted illogically to US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta’s remarks questioning Pakistan’s actions in tackling terrorism in a manner that defies logic.

“This kind of public messaging from a senior member of the US administration is taken very seriously in Pakistan, and reduces the space for narrowing our bilateral differences at a critical time in the negotiations,” Ms Rehman said in a statement.

Wake up Sherry. Your country has been a haven for terrorists for very long. Even Osama Bin laden was found living for many years next to an Army Camp in Pakistan!

Give us a break please Ms Sherry. Either you are deluded or just another pretty face to camouflage the criminal actions of your government.

You are a terrorist State. The international community needs to do something about this before you partner with Iran in its nuclear program…if you have not already.

BTW look what your country is doing in Balochistan…committing genocide on scale like the final solution.

Thank you British Police and Courts!

So India will (hopefully) get Tiger Hanif…


UK court orders extradition of Dawood Ibrahim aide Tiger Hanif to India

LONDON: Tiger Hanif, an alleged terrorist wanted by Gujarat police for a bomb attack on a train in 1993, and absconding in Britain, was on Wednesday ordered by the Westminster magistrates’ court in London to be extradited to India. This is a significant victory for Indian authorities, who have in the past failed to get people suspected to have committed crimes in India to face justice on Indian soil.

Sources said Hanif was closely associated with Dawood Ibrahim and carries information on the activities of Lashkar-e-Taiba. It is learned that Hanif’s ties with Dawood go back to the latter’s Mumbai days. Hanif was in charge of Dawood’s operations in Gujarat, the state that for long was the chosen route to smuggle in drugs and arms from Pakistan.

Tiger Hanif can appeal the extradition order of a Westminster court but a sources close to the case said he could at best delay the process by “two to three months”.

Sources said that Hanif, much like Dawood, transited from the underworld to hardcore terrorism. He has for some years been working for the D-company and Lashkar-e-Taiba and his extradition could reveal crucial linkages between the two.

Hanif is charged with conspiring to carry out a bomb attack in Surat in 1993, which killed an eight-year-old girl and injured 12 others. In March, 2010, 50-year-old Hanif was traced to a grocery store in Bolton, in Great Manchester, by British police after Interpol circulated Hanif’s photo and description worldwide.

While technically Hanif has a right to appeal against Wednesday’s ruling, the matter is now in the hands of the British home minister to uphold the judgment and send him back to India to face trial.

India’s success in securing Hanif’s extradition, it was learned, was largely due to the determination of British authorities and the Indian high commission in the UK, as officials back in India had apparently lost interest in the case. A notable feature of the proceedings was the arguments of Claire Montgomery, the lawyer appointed by the high commission to plead the case.



US offers US$ 10M for Mumbai Murderer Pakistani Hafiz Saeed…dead man walking!

Calling all bounty hunters and those who may want to make a quick buck…here is the chance to capture this despicable murderer – Pakistani Hafiz Saeed. He can be seen walking, talking and working with the ISI of the Pak Establishment in Pakistan. Capture is preferable so that information can be twisted out of him.

So come one, come all…get this terrorist!

And oh..I forgot his brother-in-law,  Hafiz Abdul Rahman Makki. The US Govt. is offering US$ 2 million for his capture.

News Report

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The United States has announced a $10 million reward for information leading to the capture of Hafiz Saeed, a Pakistani militant leader accused of orchestrating the 2008 Mumbai attacks, and who in recent months has emerged at the vanguard of a prominent anti-American political movement.

Wendy Sherman, the United States under secretary of state for political affairs, announced the reward for Mr. Saeed, described as the leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba, during a visit toIndia on Monday. She also announced $2 million for information leading to the capture of Hafiz Abdul Rahman Makki, Mr. Saeed’s brother-in-law.

The reward was welcomed by Ms. Sherman’s Indian hosts, who have long pressed Pakistan to imprison or extradite Mr. Saeed. A spokesman for the Ministry of External Affairs said it was a “strong signal” to Lashkar-e-Taiba and evidence of growing security cooperation between the United States and India. The Mumbai attacks killed 166 people, including six Americans.

But the reward is likely to further strain relations with Pakistan, which are currently being renegotiated following a border clash last November in which American warplanes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. And it met with a contemptuous reception among Mr. Saeed’s supporters, one of whom described the American reward as an “April fool’s joke” and ridiculed the notion that Mr. Saeed was a hunted man. “Hafiz Saeed and his aides are not fugitives,” said Hafiz Muhammad Masood, the central information secretary of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, a religious charity that serves as a front for Lashkar-e-Taiba. “They are not living a secret life. They are living in Pakistan as free members of society.”

The Rewards for Justice program, which is administered by the State Department, has paid out $100 million to 70 informants who helped track down criminals since 1984. But the case of Mr. Saeed, a 61-year-old former engineering professor, is unusual because his whereabouts are not a mystery.

Unlike other figures at the top of the list, such as the Al Qaeda leader Ayman al- Zawahiri, who carries a $25 million reward, or the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar, who is worth $10 million, Mr. Saeed lives openly in Lahore and travels freely. He has given numerous interviews, some on prime-time television, and addressed large crowds of supporters.

In recent months he has flitted between cities across the country to attend rallies organized by the Defense of Pakistan Council, a right-wing lobbying group that includes banned jihadist groups, religious parties and conservative politicians. The group’s aim is to influence politicians who are currently debating the future of Pakistan’s relationship with Washington in Parliament, and to prevent the reopening of NATO supply lines that have been closed since November.

The Defense of Pakistan Council rallies have alarmed Western diplomats and many Pakistanis, with their anti-American rhetoric and the presence of heavily armed jihadi fighters. The ease with which the group operates stoked media suspicions that it enjoys tacit support from the military, possibly as a means of pressuring Washington.

“Pakistan is facing very severe threats from both sides — India is one side, American and NATO forces are on the other and the agenda of both is Pakistan,” Mr. Saeed told the Financial Times at a rally in Rawalpindi last January. “We want to send a message to them that the defense of Pakistan is uppermost in our minds.”

In many ways, Mr. Saeed embodies Pakistan’s struggle to rein in homegrown Islamist militants. The former military ruler, Pervez Musharraf, banned Lashkar-e-Taiba in 2002 but it quickly reemerged under the guise of its charity wing, Jamaat-ud-Dawa. Attempts to prosecute Mr. Saeed for his alleged role in various attacks have failed, as have efforts to restrict his movements through house arrest. He has been subject to United Nations sanctions since 2008.

But the greatest problem lies in his ambiguous relationship with the military’s powerful intelligence service, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate. The ISI nurtured Lashkar-e-Taiba in the 1990s to fight Indian soldiers in Indian-occupied Kashmir and it quickly gained a reputation as a disciplined and effective militant unit. Unlike the Taliban, which follows the Deobandi school of Islam, Lashkar-e-Taiba adheres to the more austere Ahle Hadith creed, which is derived from the Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia.

Over the past decade the militant group has expanded its horizons to include attacks on Indian civilian targets, including the Parliament and a train station in Mumbai, as well as Western citizens and Jewish clerics. In Afghanistan, its militants have emerged as a factor in the war in the east of the country.

ISI officials insist they effectively lost control of the group after cutting their ties in 2002. But they have also failed to stop its fundraising and recruitment activities through Jamaat-ud-Dawa, which operates from the Muridke compound outside Lahore and has run substantial charity operations across Pakistan, particularly after an earthquake in 2005 and widespread floods in 2010.

In recent months, Jamaat-ud-Dawa activists have provided security and medical cover at Defense of Pakistan Council rallies. Meanwhile, seated alongside Mr. Saeed on the platform has been Hamid Gul, a former ISI chief and prominent jihadist ideologue.

Reporting was contributed by Waqar Gilani in Lahore, Pakistan, and Jim Yardley in New Delhi.

FBI breaking news – Bulletin on Terrorism


Table of Contents
Focus on TerrorismThe Evolution of Terrorism Since 9/11
By Lauren B. O’Brien
Understanding how terrorism trends have evolved can help agencies face today’s current threat environment.Leadership Spotlight
Tuesdays with Terry

Case Study
The Hosam Smadi Case

Bulletin Honors
Hazardous Device School Bomb Technician Memorial

Sovereign Citizens
By the FBI’s Counterterrorism Analysis Section
Law enforcement must become knowledgeable and aware of sovereign-citizen extremists.

Radicalization of Islamist Terrorists in the Western World

Wanted: Notable Speeches

Bulletin Reports

Bulletin Notes

Patch Call

LEB Home




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Delhi High Court Bomb Blast – What is the price of Life in India?

At the time of going to press, 11 people have died and over 80 people injured in a powerful bomb blast outside the Delhi High Court. The Government has announced an exgratia payment of Rs.2 lakhs (approx.US$ 4500/-) for the next of kin and to those injured Rs.1 lakh (approx.US$2250/-).

The Pakistan based terrorist group, Harkat-ul-Jihadi, with strong links to Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility.

What is shameful is that it is now a regular feature for Government to announce cash payment to victims of terrorist attacks.

Is this blood money?

What is shameful is that there were no CTV installed in or around the Delhi Court.

What is shameful is that politicians surround themselves with Z category security while the citizens who voted them into power remain at the mercy of those dangerous elements from across the border.

What is shameful is that the Union Home MInister, Mr.P.Chidambaram, announced in Parliament today that Delhi Police were alerted to a possible terrorist attack in July this year.

What is equally shameful is that the security for Delhi comes directly under the Union Home Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram.

Nothing will change because life is cheap in India.

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FBI – WMD Central interview with Dr.Vahid Majidi Part 2

WMD Central
Part 2: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Breaking News – Press release 07/29/11

Our interview continues with Dr. Vahid Majidi, head of our Weapons of Mass Destruction, or WMD, Directorate, which marked its fifth anniversary on July 26.

Q. Can you provide a few examples of successful WMD investigations over the past five years?

Dr. Majidi: We’ve managed quite a few cases actually, including our first major counterproliferation investigation that involved two Iranian men and one Iranian-American who were charged in California with conspiring to export certain technologies from the U.S. to Iran. Other examples include a Texas man charged with possessing 62 pounds of sodium cyanide; a government contractor in Tennessee charged with trying to sell restricted U.S. Department of Energy materials; and a Nevada man charged with possessing deadly ricin. (Note: see the sidebar for more examples.)

WMD Case HighlightsSome additional FBI cases in recent years that have received valuable assistance from the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate:

A plot in the Bronx to bomb synagogues and shoot down planes is foiled.

A Texas resident is charged with attempting to make an improvised explosive device.

– An Illinois courthouse and a Dallas skyscraper are targets of separate bombing plots.

– A man who knew how to make the deadly toxin ricin—and had built his own weapons lab—is sentenced for threatening a federal prosecutor.

A Colorado man who plotted to bomb the New York City subway system pleads guilty.

Six members of a Michigan militia group and two others are charged with attempted use of weapons of mass destruction.

Q. What has the FBI learned over the past five years?

Dr. Majidi: Quite a bit. For some time, we’ve had WMD coordinators in every one of our field offices. But we realize that for WMD prevention to be truly comprehensive, we need to think and act globally. So that’s why—in addition to our network of legal attaché offices and agents around the world—we’ve recently put our first WMD coordinators overseas, in our offices in Tbilsi and Singapore. We also have personnel assigned to Interpol to help it develop an international WMD training program like ours.

Q. What kind of work is done overseas?

Dr. Majidi: It runs the gamut. For instance, several years ago, after an interdiction of highly enriched uranium in Georgia in the former Soviet Union, our WMD experts performed a forensic analysis of the material and then testified in Georgian courts. And when the Russian defector in London was poisoned with a radioactive isotope in 2006, our WMD personnel shadowed London Metropolitan Police during the ensuing investigation to develop lessons learned to help us prepare for such a scenario here. Through it all, we’ve built some strong relationships with our global partners.

Q. What are the WMD Directorate’s plans for the next five years?

Dr. Majidi: The basic knowledge and material that go into making weapons of mass destruction is becoming more readily available to anyone, anywhere in the world as the Information Age matures. That’s why we’ll continue to be all about partnerships—locally, nationally, and internationally. We’ll also focus even more on threats on the horizon. For example, we’ll look at emerging developments like synthetic biology from a preventative point of view. By collaborating with the synthetic biology community, we can articulate our safety and security concerns as they relate to weapons of mass destruction. We’ll also be improving our threat analysis capabilities to better spot potential WMD opportunities, potential WMD vulnerabilities, and gaps in our intelligence collection.

Q. What can the average citizen do to assist law enforcement with the WMD threat?

Dr. Majidi: Keep in mind that to develop weapons of mass destruction, you only need two things: the material and the know-how. So please, if you see anything suspicious or in a place where it doesn’t belong, report it to local law enforcement or your closest FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. It could be just the tip we need to stop something serious.

Part 1 of the interview
More on FBI WMD efforts