Live Encounters Magazine July 2013

Live Encounters Magazine July 2013

Live Encounters Magazine July 2013 proudly presents

Ingrid Storholmen
celebrated Norwegian author of Voices From Chernobyl

Sally McKenna
well known Irish Sculptor, Painter and Sketch Artist

Dr. Christine Deftereos
author of Ashis Nandy – The Cultural Politics of Selfhood.

Graeme Hamilton
musician, vocalist, producer (UB40, Al Green, Au Pairs, Andy Hamilton etc.)

Carol Buckley
pioneering elephant welfare expert.

Sabbah Haji
a woman of substance, director of Haji Public School Kashmir, India.

Chris Hedges
(courtesy of Column

Terry Mcdonagh
leading Irish poet, playwright

Natalie Wood
Journalist and Flash Fiction Writer

Candess M Campbell
author – 12 Weeks to Self-Healing…

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Will Nawaz Sharif be assassinated before he becomes PM of Pakistan?

14 years ago Nawaz Sharif was handcuffed, jailed and handed a life sentence. He sought refuge in Saudi Arabia. The culprit of this was former General Pervez Musharraf who then seized power, jailed the Pakistani Judges and ruled the country like it was his own.

Now the tables have turned.

Musharraf is confined to two rooms in his palatial villa and Sharif is on the verge of becoming the next PM of Pakistan, a nation in transit to nowhere.

And this is what Sharif has to say, “We need to bail out the economy” (a sensible view).

The present army chief, General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani, has made a number of oblique references to democracy in a veiled threat that if the election does not go as planned he would ‘have to intervene’.

Curiously, 75 officers from Command and Staff College, Quetta, approached the court and objected to the shabby treatment of the former military dictator of Pakistan, Musharraf…aka Busharraf for his closeness with the former President of the US of A.

Sharif is known to be at odds with the military and keeps harping on the ‘concept’ of democracy…whatever this means in Pakistan.

Considering the past events it is highly unlikely that the Pakistan military will ‘allow’ Sharif to become PM. In all likelihood he will be assassinated like Benazir Bhutto for two reasons only –

  1. That he confronted the military 14 years ago and seeks democracy for his people and therefore will not be a puppet for the military command.
  2. That he had/has/and continues to seek redressal for the plight of the people of Balochistan.

One hopes he survives the election and guides Pakistan onto the path of civilian rule.

Live Encounters Magazine December 2012 – Two Volumes!

Knowledge is power and we are empowering people with the free distribution of knowledge.

Writers, poets, photographers, civil & human rights activists, animal rights activists, social workers, professors, people from theatre and music, culinary gymnasts and more contribute free of cost to share their knowledge with the world for we all live in a small village in the universe called Earth.

Guest Editorial by Anat Hoffman, Civil & Human Rights Activist
Letter to the Editor by Brother Budi Hernawan OFM on the prevailing situation in Papua and an appeal to the Government of Indonesia for Peace Talks
Terry McDonagh wellknown Irish Poet,writer and Playwright talks about his life and works
Eric Hobsbawm – Another Jewish Contrarian by Natalie Wood
Are Bengalis characteristically Left-inclined? A study Romit Bagchi
2012 – Another Year of Living Foolishly? – Mark Ulyseas
Photo Gallery – Cuba – Joo Peter
Remember and Resist – Randhir Khare
Generating Yourself! – Candess M Campbell
Peace Needs More Than Talk – Steven Beck
Guest Editorial by Jemma Purdey, Woman-Mother-Writer
One Dollar For Music Raoul Wijffels in an exclusive interview
Photo Gallery – Bali – Jill Gocher 
Beering and fearing in Khajuraho – Harish Nambiar 
Book Review: Jeffrey Winters’ Oligarchy – Marcus Mietzner
Dr. Navina Jafa, author of Performing Heritage: Art of Exhibit Walks in a Live Encounter
Fadedgenes – Excerpt One From a work in progress book by Mark Ulyseas
Pastel ab Hmas – Richard Ganulin
I Hate Deadlines – Arjun Bagga
Art in Food – Enrico Wahl’s Food Art with photography by Mark Ulyseas

A thank you to all my friends on WordPress. Keep writing, let the world know we are only a village in this great big expanse of the Universe.



A British citizen was Pakistan’s Interior Minister!

The curious case of Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Rehman Malik. He claims that he had given up his British citizenship BEFORE standing for elections. Apparently the Supreme Court of Pakistan directed him to submit all documents pertaining to his claim. He couldn’t submit “all” documents so he has resigned from the Senate.

Britain appears to be the “home” country for all those that run away from Pakistan after looting and murdering…e.g. Benazir Bhutto (corruption) and Former President and General Pervez Musharraf (murder).

Ordinary citizens from Pakistan find it difficult to obtain a visa for the UK and yet these thieves and murderers can stay with such impunity.

Is the British Government hiding its dirty linen by granting former Pakistani leaders residentship because they don’t want them to mention previous “deals”?

When will the British Government understand that deals with the devil often result in homegrown terrorism?

Support Asma Jahangir – A Brave Pakistani Woman!

Please read this report for it reflects the true picture of what Pakistan has become…a nation ruled by those in uniform who are not answerable to anyone. And these are the people who hid Osama Bin Laden, still protect and finance terror groups. 

“I am not afraid nor will I leave the country” – Human rights activist and prominent lawyer Asma Jahangir has accused “high-level security authorities” of having made a plan for her assassination.

She said the trend of killing progressive intellectuals should be brought to an end. “We are not going to accept this mindset in the country at any cost.”  The plan to assassinate her had not been made by any individual but by state security operators.

Ms Jahangir said the “khaki waley” (uniformed folk) had no right to take decisions about the future of Pakistan. Only the people of the country have the right to decide about their future

Replying to a question, she said the interior minister had telephoned her and deployed a Rangers squad for her security but the arrangements were not satisfactory. President Asif Ali Zardari has also discussed the matter with her.


Send a message on Twitter supporting Asma Jahangir, now!

Bloodbath continues unabated in Balochistan – Litany of slaughter of innocents

Why does Britain support Pakistan,a country continuing to commit genocide in Balochistan? Why does Britain continue to host Former President and Pak General Pervez Musharraf who is wanted for murder of Benzazir Bhutto and Baloch nationalist leader Akbar Bugti and ordering Pak Army Frontier Corps to commit mass murder in Balochistan?

Recently seven bullet-riddled bodies were recovered in Quetta, Khuzdar and Dera Bugti areas.

– “Three tortured bodies stuffed in a bag were found in the Ferozabad area of Quetta,” police said, adding that people of the area informed them about dumping of the bodies.  The bodies, identified as Mehran Khan Kiyazai (missing since April 11), Mohammad Khan and Mohammad Nabi Marri (missing for one month), were taken to Bolan Medical College Hospital.

– Another body, identified as that of Habibullah Nurzai, was found in the Pashtoonabad area.

– Two bodies  (Ali Khan Bugti and Wali Mohammad Bugti, who had been missing since March 12, 2005) were recovered from Dera Bugti.

– Another body, which could not be identified so far, was recovered from Khuzdar

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani says, “Balochistan is close to my heart and I want welfare and well being of the people of Balochistan.” If Balochistan is so close to his heart why does his government continue its ethnic cleansing with kidnapping, torture and murder of Baloch with the help of the Pakistan Frontier Corps and Murder Inc. ISI, while at the same time  looting its natural resources?

Incidentally Pak works closely with the Chinese to further develop Gawdar deep water Port in Balochistan (a development to directly challenge Western Powers which ironically gives aid to Pakistan).

How long will the UN continue to look the other way?

How many Baloch have to die before the international community intervenes and puts an International Peace Keeping Force in Balochistan?

Balochistan is a Nation occupied by Pakistan since 1948.

Stop the bloodbath now before this escalates into other countries intervening militarily! 

The curious citizenship case of Pak Interior Minister Rehman Malik

Believe or not Rehman Malik has been suspended yesterday from the Pakistan Senate by the Supreme Court of Pakistan because he has failed to prove that he had renounced his British citizenship in 2008 prior to contesting the Senate elections. Apparently he has failed to provide a declaration from the UK Border Agency stating that he, Rehman Malik, had renounced his British citizenship in 2008.

My guess is that he cannot provide the declaration because he was a British citizen when he contested the senate elections in Pakistan.


It seems that many Pakistan Ministers have dual nationality…kind of United Nations in that country…
The Supreme Court also issued notices yesterday to 14 other parliamentarians, including Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh and senior PML-N leader Khwaja Asif, who have dual nationality. Earlier, the Supreme Court had suspended the membership of Parliament of Farahnaz Ispahani, the media advisor to President Asif Ali Zardari, for holding US citizenship.

Pakistan has a multinational government…hahahahaha…