Shukreya Saudi Arabia for giving 30 lashes to man for slapping his wife!

saudi flag

Riyadh: A Saudi man who slapped his wife has earned himself a flogging and jail sentence, in a rare ruling in the Gulf kingdom that imposes stiff restrictions on women, a local newspaper reported on Wednesday. 

A court in the town of Safwa, in the eastern Qatif district, sentenced the man to 10 days in jail and 30 lashes, Al-Sharq daily said.

The judge also allowed the woman to attend the flogging and ordered her husband to enrol in a course on dealing with partners.

The woman, in her twenties, had lodged a complaint against her husband after he slapped her during an argument. The man admitted hitting her, saying his wife “was rude to his parents.”

The ruling is very uncommon in the ultra-conservative kingdom, where men usually get the upper hand, while women are dependent on their male guardians in most aspects of their lives.

Women need a close male relative to accompany them if they enter government buildings and courts.

Saudi women also are banned from driving and are obliged to cover themselves from head to toe when they are in public.

The King Khalid Foundation, which is a Saudi charity, launched in May the kingdom’s first anti-domestic violence advertising campaign.


I think this is what they must do in India where women beating and rape seems to be the rule rather than the exception!

Al Qaeda – a multinational company with personnel problems!

Moktar Belmoktar

The human resource department of Al Qaeda ‘manages’ the many branches of the organization with apparent strict enforcement of hierarchy i.e. chain of command. It doesn’t permit ‘loose cannons’.

It has been reported that one of their leading lights, Moktar Belmoktar, has gone on an ego trip and has not responded to the attempted disciplinary action against him by the top brass of murder inc. Belmoktar took leave of absence and carried out two deadly attacks that killed 101: hostage taking at a BP gas operated plant in Algeria (Jan 2013)and bombings at a military base and a French uranium mine in Niger (last week).

Apparently, the Board of Directors of Al qaeda, 14-member Shura council had written to Belmoktar criticizing the latter’s refusal to resign and start his own ‘company’. It appears he wants to be followed and rejects the idea of ‘following’ the board’s instructions. Although he uses the Al Qaeda brand name.

In 2008 Belmoktar kidnapped a Canadian diplomat, Robert Fowler and his colleague and held them for four months for ransom.The case was referred to Al-Qaeda central which sought to force concessions in the US-led war in Afghanistan. But Belmoktar had other plans. He made a deal of 700,000 Euros for both men and kept the cash for himself. This was way below the ‘usual fee’ of US$3 million per hostage that European governments ‘normally’ pay.

Al-Qaeda is fast losing its ‘local brand managers’. The splintering of the group has been going on for some time now as many of the erstwhile branch managers find it lucrative to ‘manage their own finances’.

It is clear that religion is not the purpose of this organization but a means of earning money by using the Holy Koran as the equivalent of Mao’s little red book.

The Al Qaeda Mission Statement is to use the Koran as an excuse to murder innocent people, incite Muslims to violence – all for a dollar. In the end it is always about money and power. Religion is merely the opium administered to the masses. As with any multinational selling a packaged dream so do Al Qaeda – except the dream is about seventy virgins awaiting the butchers in after life.

And as expected there is a sucker born every minute.

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Sharia in Australia – Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon

The New Face of Islam?

White Christian Aussie, Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, turns to Islam and becomes a self appointed gendarme of Sharia Law which he says should be imposed in Australia.

The rest you can view in the following videos.

(Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon is the controversial Islamic preacher and founder of ‘Sharia4Australia’ who was jailed in 2012 for terrorism and other offences and since released. His former name was Shannon James Conlon. Ibrahim graduated from the University of Technology).

(A MUSLIM preacher Ibrahim Conlon has faced court on charges related to accessing child pornography and making a hoax threat in the lead up to this year’s Mardi Gras. Under the terms of his bail conditions Siddiq-Conlon is not to access the internet and not to be left unaccompanied in the presence of a child under the age of 18, other than his children. He is not to be within 50m of a school, pre-school or child care centre. He is to reside at a property in Cowra and report to the local police station twice a week. March 14, 2102) LINK

List of Terrorist Organisations Proscribed by the British Home Office

Invisible Palestinians  PROSCRIPTION CRITERIA

Under the Terrorism Act 2000, the Home Secretary may proscribe an organisation if they believe it is concerned in terrorism. For the purposes of the Act, this means that it:

commits or participates in acts of terrorism;
prepares for terrorism;
promotes or encourages terrorism (including the unlawful glorification of terrorism);
or is otherwise concerned in terrorism.

If the statutory test is met, there are other factors which the Secretary of State will take into account when deciding whether or not to exercise their discretion to proscribe. These criteria are:

the nature and scale of an organisation’s activities;
the specific threat that it poses to the UK;
the specific threat that it poses to British nationals overseas;
the extent of the organisation’s presence in the UK; and
the need to support other members of the international community in the global fight against terrorism.

Proscription makes it a criminal offence to:

belong to or invite support for a proscribed organisation.
arrange a meeting in support of a proscribed organisation.
wear clothing or carry articles in public which arouse reasonable suspicion that an individual is a member or supporter of the proscribed organisation.

The penalties for proscription offences can be a maximum of 10 years in prison and/or a £5,000

The information about the groups’ aims was given to Parliament when they were proscribed.

Abu Nidal Organisation (ANO)
Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)
Al-Gama’at al-Islamiya (GI)
Al Ghurabaa
Al Ittihad Al Islamia (AIAI)
Al Qa’ida (AQ)
Inspired and led by Usama Bin Laden, its aims are the expulsion of Western forces from Saudi Arabia, the destruction of Israel and the end of Western influence in the Muslim world.
Al Shabaab
Ansar Al Islam (AI)
Ansar Al Sunna (AS)
Ansarul Muslimina Fi Biladis Sudan (Vanguard for the protection of Muslims in Black Africa) (Ansaru)
The aim of the GIA is to create an Islamic state in Algeria using all necessary means, including violence.
Asbat Al-Ansar (‘League of Partisans’ or ‘Band of Helpers’)
Babbar Khalsa (BK)
Basque Homeland and Liberty (Euskadi ta Askatasuna) (ETA)
Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA)
BLA are comprised of tribal groups based in the Baluchistan area of Eastern Pakistan, which aims to establish an independent nation encompassing the Baluch dominated areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.
Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ)
Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain (GICM)
Hamas Izz al-Din al-Qassem Brigades
Harakat-Ul-Jihad-Ul-Islami (HUJI)
Harakat-Ul-Jihad-Ul-Islami (Bangladesh) (HUJI-B)
Harakat-Ul-Mujahideen/Alami (HuM/A) and Jundallah.
Harakat Mujahideen (HM)
Hizballah Military Wing
Hezb-E Islami Gulbuddin (HIG)
Indian Mujahideen (IM)
IM aims to establish an Islamic state and implement Sharia law in India using violent means.
International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF)
ISYF is an organisation committed to the creation of an independent state of Khalistan for Sikhs within India.
Islamic Army of Aden (IAA)
Islamic Jihad Union (IJU)
Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU)
Jaish e Mohammed (JeM)
Jammat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB)
Jeemah Islamiyah (JI)
Khuddam Ul-Islam (Kul) and splinter group Jamaat Ul-Furquan (JuF)
Kongra Gele Kurdistan (PKK)
Lashkar e Tayyaba (LT)
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)
Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)
Palestinian Islamic Jihad – Shaqaqi (PIJ)
Revolutionary Peoples’ Liberation Party – Front (Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Partisi – Cephesi) (DHKP-C)
Salafist Group for Call and Combat (Groupe Salafiste pour la Predication et le Combat) (GSPC)
Saved Sect or Saviour Sect
Sipah-E Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) (Aka Millat-E Islami Pakistan (MIP) – SSP was renamed MIP in April 2003 but is still referred to as SSP) and splinter group Lashkar-E Jhangvi (LeJ)
The aim of both SSP and LeJ is to transform Pakistan by violent means into a Sunni state under the total control of Sharia law. Another objective is to have all Shia declared Kafirs and to participate in the destruction of other religions, notably Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism.
Tehrik Nefaz-e Shari’at Muhammadi (TNSM)
Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP)
Teyre Azadiye Kurdistan (TAK)
TAK is a Kurdish terrorist group currently operating in Turkey.
(Note: Mujaheddin e Khalq (MeK) was removed from the list of proscribed organisations in June 2008, as a result of judgements of the Proscribed Organisations Appeals Commission and the Court of Appeal).

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Continuity Army Council
Cumann na mBan
Fianna na hEireann
Irish National Liberation Army
Irish People’s Liberation Organisation
Irish Republican Army
Loyalist Volunteer Force
Orange Volunteers
Red Hand Commando
Red Hand Defenders
Saor Eire
Ulster Defence Association
Ulster Freedom Fighters
Ulster Volunteer Force
Home Office
23 November 2012
And now Britain has its very own homegrown movements….born and fed in Britain.
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The recent expose by a British publication on the life  and hate speeches of Anjem Choudary is a clear indication that “loving hands at Home” have permitted this for reasons best known to the puerile politicians.

Omar Abdullah why are you sympathetic towards Mohammad Afzal Guru?

The Indian media is all about how you “feel” about the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru.

Have you also shared how you feel about his involvement in the terrorist attack on the Parliament which brought India and Pakistan to the brink of war? Have you admitted that due process of law had been followed? Have you on the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru aired your feelings for those killed in the terrorist attack on the Parliament?

On the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru all you can say is that the Kashmiri youth feel alienated. So are you suggesting that the Kashmiri youth sympathise with the terrorist acts of Mohammad Afzal Guru?

What are you saying? That his family was not allowed one last meeting with the deadly terrorist and therefore you feel a great injustice has occurred?

Thousands of Kashmiris Pandits since the height of terrorist activity in the Kashmir Valley were killed, chased out of the Valley by “Kashmiri Muslim terrorists”. They lost everything. They are the indigenous people of Kashmir “before” Islam arrived with the sword. One doesn’t read how you feel about the Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus). Nor does one read how “much” you have done for those dispossessed Kashmiri Pandits.

Is there something that we are missing?

I do hope you recall when you were sworn in as Chief Minister you swore allegiance to the Indian Constitution. One sincerely hopes that you haven’t forgotten this oath.

Your statement ““Like it or not, the execution has reinforced the point that there is no justice. We will have to deal with how we can change that sort of alienation,” the Chief Minister” – I think this says it all.

Is it because  Mohammad Afzal Guru is a Muslim from Kashmir and those on death row like Rajiv Gandhi’s killers are not that you feel this grave injustice? Why don’t you say it aloud…shout it from the rooftops!

Thankfully your illustrious father Sheikh Farooq Abdullah has rightly contradicted you and set the record straight by saying, “As far as I am concerned the courts had given the death sentence. His plea was put in front of the President. He rejected the plea. The matter is over.”

Justice has been done and Afazal Guru hanged. Deal with it and look inwards towards your own and question why such things are occurring and why the Kashmiri Pandits have still not received compensation from your State.

What you should be looking for is a Kashmiri Gandhi instead of feeling “sorry” for Mohammad Afzal Guru, a deadly terrorist who got his due.

I. like many stand, by the Government of India’s decision to go ahead with the hanging of Afzal. The Government has done the right thing.

Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal is a joke and disgrace to all Bangladeshis!

Will Bangladeshis get justice after 43 years. I doubt it!

This is shameful. It dishonors all those Bangladeshis who fought and died in the war of independence from Pakistan.

The latest news is that an Islamist leader, Abdul Quader Mollah,  convicted of war crimes was spared execution. He has been given a life term. Mollah,64, is assistant secretary general of Jamaat-e-Islami of the country’s biggest Islamist party. You know what this means?

Bangladesh became part of Pakistan at the end of British rule in 1947 but broke away in 1971 after a war between Bangladeshi nationalists, backed by India, and Pakistani forces that cost 3 million lives, saw thousands of women raped, and forced nearly one million people to flee to India.

–  Some factions in what was then East Pakistan opposed the break with Pakistan, and numerous abuses were committed during the nine-month war. Jamaat-e-Islami denies accusations that it opposed independence and helped the Pakistani army.

It appears that the Jamaat-e-Islami, a powerful Islamic political party controls Bangladesh and it is the followers of this ruthless party that has taken complete control of Bangladesh.

Incidentally, large amounts of money has/is being transferred from Pakistan to the Jamaat-e-Islami to help it take complete control of this beautiful country, Bangladesh!

What a pity that Bangladesh is being controlled by right wing Islamic thugs.

Will history repeat itself?

– I suppose if one wants to control people – put the fear of God and the resident mullah in them.

Human Rights Watch report on US State of Arkansas


Arkansas: Tenants Face Prosecution Over Rent Problems

(Little Rock) – Hundreds of Arkansas tenants face criminal charges every year because they don’t pay their rent on time and then fail to vacate their homes quickly enough. The Arkansas state legislature should repeal the abusive law that allows for these prosecutions, which has no parallel in any other US state.

The 44-page report, “Pay the Rent or Face Arrest: Abusive Impacts of Arkansas’s Criminal Evictions Law,” tells the stories of Arkansas tenants who were dragged into criminal court for transgressions that would not be a crime in any other US state. Other tenants who did not violate the law have faced charges because prosecutors acted on specious claims by landlords. Several of the tenants interviewed for this report were confronted at home or at work by police officers who had warrants for their arrest. One woman was berated in open court by a district judge, who compared her to a bank robber.

“The Arkansas ‘failure-to-vacate’ law is unjust and tramples on the fundamental rights of tenants,” said Chris Albin-Lackeybusiness and human rights senior researcher at Human Rights Watch. “It also criminalizes severe economic hardships many tenants are already struggling to overcome.”

Under Arkansas’s failure-to-vacate law, a landlord can demand that a tenant move out of a property within 10 days if the tenant does not pay the rent in full and on time. Any tenant who fails to do so is guilty of a misdemeanor. There is no way for tenants to present their side of the story in court without risking a criminal conviction.

Many tenants end up in court precisely because they have struggled to meet their rent obligations and can ill-afford the hefty fines that can go along with a guilty verdict. But the law mandates the court to convict the tenant no matter why the person failed pay the rent in full or on time or was unable to move out before their 10-day deadline expired. The rights and interests of the tenants are not to form any part of the court’s deliberations.

The failure-to-vacate law was used to bring charges against more than 1,200 Arkansas tenants in 2012 alone. This figure greatly understates the total number of people impacted by the law. The vast majority of tenants scramble to move out when faced with a 10-day notice to vacate rather than face trial – and with good reason.

Making matters considerably worse, the law strongly discourages accused tenants from pleading not guilty. Those who do are required to deposit the total amount of rent they allegedly owe with the court, which they forfeit if they are found guilty. Tenants who are unable to deposit the rent amount but plead not guilty anyway face substantially harsher fines and up to 90 days in jail. Tenants who plead guilty face none of this.

“The failure-to-vacate law effectively coerces tenants into either quietly moving out or pleading guilty instead of exercising their right to defend against a criminal charge and having their day in court,” Albin-Lackey said. “Disturbingly, it does so by turning prosecutors into landlords’ personal attorneys – at taxpayer expense.”

The criminal evictions process is also wide open to abuse by unscrupulous landlords because there is little effort to assess the veracity of landlords’ claims. Many prosecutors file criminal charges against tenants purely on the basis of landlords’ assertions.

Human Rights Watch interviewed one tenant whose landlord got an arrest warrant issued against her just three days after ordering her to move out. Another woman was repeatedly charged on the basis of false claims made by a man from whom she had purchased her home – and paid it off in full.

The criminal evictions law is poorly written and its implementation is wildly inconsistent, Human Rights Watch found. There may be no two district courts in Arkansas that apply it exactly the same way.

There are nascent efforts to repeal this law. In January 2013, a non-legislative commission on landlord-tenant law established by the state legislature called on the state government to repeal the criminal evictions statute and replace it with a more efficient civil evictions process. It also called for other key reforms.

“The road map to reform this unjustlaw is already there,” Albin-Lackey said. “The state legislature already has good recommendations in front of it and it should act on them immediately.”

One Family’s Story
Steve and his wife, Angela, [surnames withheld at their request] are active in their church and had never been in trouble with the law before August 2012. One evening that month, the couple were preparing for Bible study class when they heard a knock at the door. Two police officers were standing outside.

“One of them said, ‘We have a warrant for y’all’s arrest,’” Angela recalled. “The next thing I remember is my husband dragging me from the kitchen. I had fainted.” The couple had not been able to make their US$585 rent payment that month.

When Human Rights Watch interviewed the couple outside of the District Court in Little Rock several days later, Angela was clutching a gallon-sized plastic bag full of pills. She had undergone heart transplant surgery and her body was rejecting the new organ. Afraid that their landlord would change the locks while they were away in court, she brought her entire supply of anti-rejection medicine along with her just in case.

Steve had been living in his apartment for eight-and-a-half years; Angela had moved in with him when they married in 2010.

“The place is OK, and a lot of folks there said they’d be sorry to see us go,” Steve said. “We didn’t have any problems in there, and I’ve never been more than one month late. Then they stick this notice on the door and said get out in 10 days.”

Two weeks after the rent was due, Steve approached their landlord.

“I told her I have half of the money,” he explained, “but she didn’t accept it. I tried to borrow from everyone. She said, ‘If I do it for you I’ll have to do it for everyone else.’ I said, “But Miss, I’ve been here eight-and-a-half years!”

Steve and Angela continued trying to negotiate with their landlord after she posted the 10-day notice to vacate. They thought they might somehow persuade her to give them more time. They had also set about looking for a new apartment, but had not found anything by the time the 10-day notice expired.

“We were trying to find a place,” Steve said.

Steve and Angela sat in court with their arms around each other for almost two hours, watching a procession of criminal defendants accused of theft, drug offenses, and violent crimes called up before the judge. When their case was finally called, the court clerk asked Angela to face him so he could take her mug shot. She broke down in tears, grabbed her husband’s arm and screamed, “Steve, are we going to jail? I don’t want to go to jail!” The room went silent as the judge tried to calm her down, telling the couple she would dismiss the charges against them if they moved out within a week—a mercy the law does not actually allow judges to extend to the accused.

Standing outside the courthouse afterwards, Steve and Angela were visibly shaken.

“I felt like a criminal,” Angela said. “I just wanted to be here with my husband. But at the same time, I didn’t want to be here at all, you know?”

Asked what they would do next, Steve shook his head. “I don’t know. We’re just praying. That’s about it.”