Balinese mixed vegetable salad – Urap Campur

Pic by Mark Ulyseas


4 tbsp Duck sauce
50 gr Roasted coconut grated
50 gr red bean cooked
50 gr Long bean cooked and sliced
50 gr Fern tip blanched and sliced
50 gr Spinach blanched
1 pce Lime juice
3 tbsp Fried shallot to garnish
Salt to taste
Sambal Goreng
3 cloves Garlic
6 pcs Shallot
2 pcs Red large chilli
1pce Red small chilli
Half tbsp Shrimp Paste
Half tbsp Salt



Slice all ingredients for the Sambal Goreng then fry until light golden season with salt and let cool: Mix the duck sauce with roasted grated coconut and then add Sambal Goreng: Mix all ingredients very gently and then add vegetables, add Bali lime and salt to taste garnish with friend shallot.

Chef Ketut Wijaya pic by Mark Ulyseas

Vegetable and Tofu Curry

Pic by Mark Ulyseas


Oil 2tbsp
Onion diagonal 10gr
Lemon grass (memarkn) 1pce
Daun salam (salamket) 2pcs
Leek diagonal slice 1pce
Curry powder madras 453gr 1tsp
Curry paste/bumbu kare 1tbsp
Stock chicken 200ml
Tofu, cube 125gr
Artichokes can 400 gr 25gr
Broccoli, spring 50gr
Cauliflower, spring 50gr
Green bean baby 50gr
Carrot 50gr
Corn baby 40gr
Coconut milk/Kara 200gr 15gr
Ground peanut 1tbsp
Salt 1/2tsp
Pepper black 1/2tsp
Yellow rice 200gr 



Sauté with oil onion, lemon grass, salam leaf & curry paste until aromatic. Simmer with chicken stock the tofu, leek, corn, and other vegetable until half cooked. Add curry powder, coconut milk, ground pepper and stir together. I know that this is not really a vegetarian dish as chicken stock is being used. You can experiment with your very own desi stock.

Chef Ketut Wijaya pic by Mark Ulyseas


Balinese Chicken Congee – Bubur Ayam

Pic by Mark Ulyseas



Chicken breast                                 50gr
Beras (steamed rice)                       100gr
Leek, slice diagonal                          15gr
Garlic, chopped                                10gr
Lemon grass                                    1pce
Daun salam (Salam leaf)                   2pcs
Raja Rasa 600ml (special sauce)      1tbsp
Salt                                                1/2tsp
Pepper powder                                1/2tsp
Chicken stock                                200ml


Soak the rice overnight. Next day boil the rice in a water level 2cm over the top of the rice. Simmer at low heat and stir until it is ready. Put aside. In a pan with oil sauté the leek, garlic, salam leaf and lemon grass until aromatic. Add chicken stock to the rice and stir together adding salt & pepper & spice to taste. Pour into a bowl and add garnishes including sliced boiled egg, chicken pieces and celery.

Chef Ketut Wijaya pic by Mark Ulyseas

Hidup Manis…the sweet life

Picture this – heavenly bodies marinating in the sun on the vibrating beaches of Bali…now read on to find out why life’s a beach in Bali!

Bali is a small island eight degrees south of the equator. With a population of around 3.5 million and an equal number of visitors, it survives on a staple diet of tourism. Its beaches are numerous; the stretch from The Oberoi to Kuta and up to the Discovery Mall is famed for its surfing conditions and bungee jumping tower from where brave hearts hurtle down on motorcycles. But before we lay out the menu be warned that hawkers will descend in droves the moment your presence is felt…literally, because as you lay your jetlagged torso on the warm sand masseurs will emerge from the madding crowd to gently circumnavigate your shoulders and legs with deft hands backed by smiles that would melt butter in a jiffy. Now let us move onto the Meenu as it is called here. These are the recommended delicacies if you happen to be stranded on Kuta beach and are hungry. Prices range from US$ 0.20cents to US$ 1.50 –

Manas - Pineapple

Manas (Pineapple) Skinned sweet pineapple on a stick or fork. Refreshing, clean but very sticky so a quick wash up in the sea will definitely follow.

Sele (Sweet Potato) – Slices of sweet potato with a sprinkling of crushed peanuts and topped with chopped chilli. It would be advisable to nibble a bit of the chilli as the Balinese chilli is notorious for reminding the diner of its presence the following morning.

Buah aka Rujak Manis (Mixed fruit salad)– Mango, Banana, Watermelon, Tomato, Papaya and Melon sliced and liberally sprinkled with prawn paste, garam (salt), gula mera (palm sugar). Very popular with tourists and locals.

Jagung Bakar (Grilled corn), nothing really to write home about.

Bantal – Sticky coconut rice wrapped in palm leaf. Children love it. It goes well with Buah aka Rujak Manis (sweet salad).

Sele - Sweet Potato

Ice cream vendors overrun the area so if one bites on a chilli mistaking it for a green bean there is always first aid at hand in the form of an ice candy.

Bali Kopi – The local brew that invigorates the extremities instantly. Order a cuppa at sunset before retiring for the night to the dens of iniquities dotting the throbbing by lanes of Kuta.

Drinks – Established brands of beer, soft drinks, juices and mineral water. Served chilled.

Mei Ayam Tak Tak

Mei Ayam Tak Tak – Noodle soup with ayam (chicken), water spinach, egg, whole peanuts. Tak tak because the ‘chef’ at the warung ( dhaba) knocks the spoons/chopsticks on the rim of the bowl when he/she serves the dish piping hot.

Nasi Campur Ayam – Steamed rice, fried ayam (chicken), vegetables, fried tempe, whole fried boiled egg with sambal (chilli paste) on the side. The staple meal for all self respecting inhabitants of the isle. Served at beach temperature.

Nasi Campur Ikan – Steamed rice, fried mackerel, fried ayam (chicken) optional, vegetables, fried tempe, whole fried

Nasi Campur Ikan and Ayam

boiled egg with sambal (chilli paste) on the side. Served at beach temperature.

Bantal – Sticky coconut rice wrapped in palm leaf. Children love it. It goes well with Buah aka Rujak Manis (sweet salad).
A word of advice: Don’t panic if you can’t eat the beach food, there are other options. All along the promenade that lines the beach are a host of fast food outlets and restaurants to cater to all budgets. Also, every outlet has clean rest rooms!

Nasi Campur Ayam

Essential words for the philistine –  Garam (salt), Susu (milk), Manis (sweet), Pedas (hot), Nasi (rice), Masalah (problem), Cinta (love), Ya (yes), Tidak (no), Tamu (guest), Aku cinta kamu (I love you) – and for the intrepid traveller more to follow in the next issue.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Bantal - sticky coconut rice wrapped in palm leaf