Live Encounters Annual 2012

Live Encounters Annual 2012

Just out – The Free online magazine Live Encounters Annual 2012 featuring the crème de la crème of the very best from Joo Peter, Randhir Khare, Mark Ulyseas, Jill Gocher, Natalie Wood, Anat Hoffman, Steven Beck, Sari Ganulin, Chris Miller, Carmen Roberts, Antje Missbach, Jemma Purdery, Navina Jafa, Marcus Mietzner, Budi Hernawan, Barnit Bagchi, Romit Bagchi, Candess M Campbell, Terry McDonagh, Philip Casey, Sue Healy, Peter Gonsalves, Bobby Chinn, Enrico Wahl, Richard Ganulin, Kori Jean Olsen, John Hank Edson, Caroline Bennett, Carol Buckley, Harish Nambiar, Anjum Katyal, Arjun Bagga, John Chester Lewis, Matthew Van Ortton

The  Annual 2012 showcases the crème de la crème of contributions of the year from leading poets, writers, photographers, civil & human rights activists, indigenous rights activists, artists and more all wrapped up in 434 pages!



Live Encounters Magazine July 2012

Dear Readers,

The main feature is The Living Word – Tales from Tribal India by Randhir Khare.

An interview with Bobby Chinn, the celebrated restaurateur and TV Presenter. He has hosted the World Cafe Asia show for the Travel and Living Channel, BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, UKTV Food’s Great Food Live and Bobby Chinn Cooks Asia for the Discovery Channel. A must read is his bestselling book Wild, Wild East, Recipes & Stories from Vietnam.

Joo Peter’s photo exhibit of the Jade Emperor Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) is a collector’s item.

• The beautiful and gifted Country star, Kori Jean Olsen, from Austin, Texas, speaks about her life and work in an exclusive interview. She is on the verge of great stardom.

Terry McDonagh’s poem, A Journey Home!, was written about 20 years ago and yet the emotions are alive and relevant in the verse.

Special Report – Asylum Seekers in Tel Aviv by Steven Beck, Director of Israel-Diaspora relations, Irac, on the African refugees in Israel raises a number of uncomfortable questions on Jewish values besides highlighting the wonderful charity work that is being done.

• It takes a village – A photo feature on ARDC by Sari Ganulin reflects the pathos of the African refugees.

Candess M Campbell’s, Creating Healthy Boundaries, is essential reading for those seeking a balanced life.

John Chester Lewis exhibits two of his paintings that he feels will be of interest to his new born daughter in the years to come.

We request you to kindly pass this free magazine on to everyone you know.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Mark Ulyseas

Balinese mixed vegetable salad – Urap Campur

Pic by Mark Ulyseas


4 tbsp Duck sauce
50 gr Roasted coconut grated
50 gr red bean cooked
50 gr Long bean cooked and sliced
50 gr Fern tip blanched and sliced
50 gr Spinach blanched
1 pce Lime juice
3 tbsp Fried shallot to garnish
Salt to taste
Sambal Goreng
3 cloves Garlic
6 pcs Shallot
2 pcs Red large chilli
1pce Red small chilli
Half tbsp Shrimp Paste
Half tbsp Salt



Slice all ingredients for the Sambal Goreng then fry until light golden season with salt and let cool: Mix the duck sauce with roasted grated coconut and then add Sambal Goreng: Mix all ingredients very gently and then add vegetables, add Bali lime and salt to taste garnish with friend shallot.

Chef Ketut Wijaya pic by Mark Ulyseas

Balinese Chicken Congee – Bubur Ayam

Pic by Mark Ulyseas



Chicken breast                                 50gr
Beras (steamed rice)                       100gr
Leek, slice diagonal                          15gr
Garlic, chopped                                10gr
Lemon grass                                    1pce
Daun salam (Salam leaf)                   2pcs
Raja Rasa 600ml (special sauce)      1tbsp
Salt                                                1/2tsp
Pepper powder                                1/2tsp
Chicken stock                                200ml


Soak the rice overnight. Next day boil the rice in a water level 2cm over the top of the rice. Simmer at low heat and stir until it is ready. Put aside. In a pan with oil sauté the leek, garlic, salam leaf and lemon grass until aromatic. Add chicken stock to the rice and stir together adding salt & pepper & spice to taste. Pour into a bowl and add garnishes including sliced boiled egg, chicken pieces and celery.

Chef Ketut Wijaya pic by Mark Ulyseas

Balinese Duck Curry – Bebek Gerang Asem

Pic by Mark Ulyseas

Ingredients :

4 pcs cleaned duck leg divided into 2 part. Marinated with salt merica and limewater.
1 litre chicken stock
80 gr Shallot
50 gr. Garlic
50 gr Red Chilli
50 gr Candle Nut
25 gr Ginger
4 cm Galangal
20 gr Lesser Galangal
15 gr Turmeric
4 pcs Lemongrass
4 pcs Daun Salam
15 gr coriander
5 gr nutmeg
7 gr Tabiabun (local black pepper), chopped
7 gr White pepper corn, ground
10 gr shrimp
Salt and Palm sugar
2 tbs Coconut oil for fry


Prepare a hot pan. Cook the duck in the pan without oil. Keep cooking until duck fat renders out and the duck is well browned: Cut & pound all spice ingredients until paste is formed: fry all the spice until fragrant in a little oil, then put in the duck: Add chicken stock and cook until duck is tender: Season to taste.

Chef Gary Tyson and his team pic by Mark Ulyseas

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Live Encounters Magazine April 2012

Live Encounters Magazine April 2012

Vishnu – Guardian of the Forest by Mark Ulyseas

An overview of Bannerghatta National Park and the prevailing human-elephant conflict

Carol Buckley – Matriarch of the Herd speaks to Mark Ulyseas on her life, work and the creation of care centres for elephants

Goa 2007 Robin Marchesi

Terry McDonagh’s latest book, In the Light of Windows – Hamburg Fragments, is to be launched on April 26th  in Hamburg:

A New Passover Sacrifice, a short story by Natalie Wood

Photo Feature – India and Laos – Joo Peter

Creating your Life through TranceCandess M Campbell

Old Room – tribute to Jeff Richman – John Chester Lewis

A Tale of Two Singles – the legend of the Royal Enfield – Santosh RajKumar

Biker Sam Lovett chats with Mark Ulyseas about his bike tours across the Indian sub-continent