Seductive Avatar of Maya by Mark Ulyseas

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Natalie Wood’s book review of RAINY and others

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Natalie Irene Wood

Natalie Irene Wood and on tumblr (below).


Terry McDonagh’s book review of Seductive Avatars of Maya

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Seductive Avatars of Maya_Cover_FINAL_5x8_134pages_no MRP.indd

Terry McDonagh‘s book review –

I have just finished reading, SEDUCTIVE AVATARS OF MAYA…a great read with a very unexpected and dramatic finish…Mark Ulyseas immerses us in a confused, dark, dystopian world of real and unreal figures…we feel ‘pity and fear’…and we laugh…but wonder why…enjoy this book. It’s worth it.

Ozlem Warren’s book review of RAINY


RAINY - My Friend and Philosopher by Mark Ulyseas

We all need Rainy the dog in our lives
by Ozlem Warren on 2 Jun. 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

Mark’s wonderful book gave me a very precious dose of pause to reflect, feel the gratitude, even at darker times; accept that there is a balance in the universe and it is this balance that sustains life. As Rainy says “You cannot change anything but what you can do is to make life enjoyable and bearable for all of those people in your life, seeking your love.” We all need Rainy the dog in our lives to remind what matters most.