Seductive Avatars of Maya – the book is out!

Seductive Avatars of Maya - Anthology of Dystopian Lives

My second book just out and is available Here

“At a time when sweeping sagas hold sway and the Big Book dominates literary spheres, a Small Book telling the story of shadow lives appears like a grain of sand on a vast shore. But that’s if we go by appearances alone. In Seductive Avatars of Maya*, Mark Ulyseas uncovers a world in a grain of sand, ferreting out intensely experienced moments in the lives of people caught in a limbo of obsessive reality.”
– Randhir Khare, Celebrated Indian Poet, Writer and Playwright

* Maya in Sanskrit means illusion.

Rainy – The book is out!

RAINY - My Friend and Philosopher by Mark Ulyseas

RAINY – My friend & Philosopher is finally out on the stands!                   It is available Here,  Here and Here

Celebrated Irish Poet, Writer and Playwright, Terry McDonagh says in the foreword -“This book makes no attempt to cut life up into chunks. Dog and man take us, meandering, through a series of happenings and experiences. They take us through the deceptive simplicity of attempting to understand wisdom sent by the Universe. We are drawn into their destiny. Nature is fragile. The world is no longer flat.”