Super March issue of Live Encounters

Live Encounters Magazine March 2015 (L)

Ali Khan Mahmudabad – Illusions of Justice in America and Syria
Aryaa Naik – Women in Mahabharata
David Gardner – The New War for the Middle East
David Morgan – States of Insecurity – from New World Order to New Disorder  
Dr Anuradha Bhattacharjee – The Second Homeland – Polish Refugees in India
Dr Candess M Campbell – The Bully Archetype
Gary Zaetz – Americans MIA Second World War Northeast Indo-China border 
Natalie Wood – Truth, Tourism Among Top Casualties of War
Professor Ella  Habiba Shohat – Dislocated Identities: Reflections of an Arab-Jew
Terry McDonagh – About Albert
Mark Ulyseas – ‘Faction’ news and the antisocial media