Oh India why do you continue to murder your baby girls?

Shame on you India. You talk of your great ancient culture but yet in the 21st century you rape, beat and murder your women…even throwing away newborn baby girls. Is this the incredible India that you advertise to the world?

The following news report is heart breaking. A newborn baby girl was found in a river with her mouth sealed with duct tape.

– Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu:  A newborn baby was found dead in the Cauvery river at Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu.
Police say the mouth of the infant girl was sealed with a tape used for packing. ”We have buried the body. We are probing to trace those responsible for this murder,” a police officer told NDTV. The incident occurred despite the Cradle Baby Scheme in which cradles are provided in several hospitals where parents could leave behind unwanted babies, who are then taken of care by the state government. –LINK

How can the Indian Government’s efforts to curb violence against the women, girls and female foetuses when the Indian mindset has not changed. Some say it is embedded in the culture, whilst others claim that the majority of Indian males view females as receptacles for the male libido and beasts of burden.

The myth of Mother India is just what it is, a myth.

Breasts and Politics and FEMENs

This is for those women who consider themselves “Feminists” and feel that they get a raw deal from the “men”. Inna Shevchenko a FEMENist from Ukraine is interviewed by Oksana of RT on why the organisation ‘FEMEN’ bares their breasts as a form of protest. Inna claims that women from childhood are forced to look good for the men, are forced into motherhood etc. I wish Simone de Beauvoir was around with her tome, The Second Sex. For the men viewers, sorry no dirty pictures:)