Incredible India – Criminals in Indian Parliament?

It is in the grammar. No one is a criminal except that thousands of esteemed Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assemblies have criminal cases against them.

(The Times of India LINK) – About 30% of Lok Sabha members and 17% of Rajya Sabha members have criminal cases pending against them, said a report which noted that the probability of winning an election by a candidate with criminal record is higher than that of one with a clean background.

The Association For Democratic Reforms and New Election Watch have for the last ten years compiled Comprehensive Reports on Elections, Crime and Money.

Here are some sobering statistics….

Summary and Highlights:

Following are the highlights that emerge from the analysis carried out byAssociation for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW):-

  • Total Number of Candidates Analyzed: A total of 62847 Candidates who have contested either Parliamentary or State Assembly Elections since 2004have been analyzed by ADR and NEW.
  • Total Number of MPs/MLAs Analyzed: A total of 8790 MPs/MLAs who have either held seats since 2004 either in the Parliament or in State Assemblies have been analyzed by ADR and NEW.


  • Candidates with Criminal Cases: A total of 11063 out of these 62847 (18%) Candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves.
  • Candidates with Serious Criminal Cases5253 (8%) out of the 11063 Candidates analyzed have declared serious criminal cases against themselves.
  • Sitting Lok Sabha MPs with Criminal Cases: 162 (30%) out of the 543 Lok Sabha MPs have declared criminal cases against themselves. 76 or 14% of the current Lok Sabha MPs have declared serious criminal cases against themselves.
  • Sitting Rajya Sabha MPs with Criminal Cases: 40 out of 232 (17%) sitting MPs from Rajya Sabha have declared criminal cases against themselves. 16 (7%) of the current Rajya Sabha MPs have declared serious criminal cases.
  • Sitting MLAs who have declared Criminal Cases1258 (31%) out of the 4032 sitting MLAs from all state assemblies have declared criminal cases against themselves. 15% of the current MLAs from all state assemblies have declared serious criminal cases against themselves.
  • MPs/MLAs with Criminal Cases: Out of the 8790 MPs/MLAs analyzed since 2004, 2575 or 29% have declared criminal cases against themselves and 1187 or 14% have serious criminal charges.  INC has 8% and BJP has 13% MPs/MLAs with serious criminal charges.
  • Candidates with Criminal Cases get party tickets for the second time: : Analysis of the criminal records of 4181 repeat candidates shows that 1072 of them had a criminal case the first time they contested an election and 788 had cases the second time also. This means political parties gave tickets to 74% of candidates with criminal records the second time also despite having information on their criminal background from previous elections. However the total number of candidates with criminal cases still increased the second time as there were 507 other candidates (out of 4181) who showed no criminal cases in the first election but declared cases in the second round of elections. Therefore the total percent of candidates with criminal records given tickets by political parties rose from 26% to 31%.
  • Candidates with Serious Criminal cases get party tickets for the second time: If we look at serious criminal cases a similar picture emerges. Of 540 candidates with serious charges, 353 or 65% were given tickets for the second time also. In addition to them there were 289 other candidates with no criminal cases in the first election, but who had declared cases in the second round of elections. This also shows that the total percent of candidates with serious criminal records given tickets by political parties rose from 12% to 15%.
  • Pendency of Criminal Cases against Re contesting Candidates: Cases against 788 contesting candidates have been pending since their declarations in the previous election. This means that these candidates with pending criminal cases continue to contest elections, while charges against them remaining pending in Courts without any resolution and some of them even continue to sit as people’ representatives.

Candidates’ affidavit with nomination papers is the  source of this analysis. Website:-


I wonder what Mahatma Gandhji would think of this?

One dreads to think what candidates the political parties are going to field in the coming Indian General Elections in 2014.

Latest on ghastly honour killing by Hindus in Haryana India

Rohtak couple Dharmendra Barak and Nidhi Barak, killed by Nidhi’s parents for eloping 


“I have no regrets. I’ll do it again if I have to,” said Billu, the remorseless father of Nidhi Barak, 20, who was beaten to death.

The parents of Dharmender Barak, 23, will not file a case against those who murdered their son – they say the pair got what they deserved. 

Nidhi and Dharmender eloped on Tuesday, knowing their families would never consent to their relationship as they belonged to the same village.

Using farming tools, they allegedly broke his arms and legs, stabbed him repeatedly and beheaded him. Dharmender’s headless body was dumped outside his home in the same village. Inside, his family had refused to come out and help him.

Seven members of Nidhi’s family are believed to be involved in this shocking example of medieval-style killings in the name of ‘family honour’ in Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s hometown.

Nidhi’s family runs a thriving dog-breeding business and is said to be influential in those parts. Dharmendra came from a family of poor farmers. They met three years ago as college students in Rohtak, where Nidhi was studying fine arts and Dharmender was pursuing a technical course.

Several such young couples have been murdered in villages of Haryana bound by the diktats of lawless, but politically influential ‘Khap panchayats’ who forbid marriages within the same village.

In 2011, the Supreme Court had said those behind such killings should face the death penalty. LINK

Save Amira Osman Hamed from flogging in Sudan

On 27 August Amira was arrested by the Public Order Police. The 35-year-old civil engineer and women’s rights activist was working in the outskirts of Khartoum when 10 policemen approached her and threatened to take her to the police station for her ‘crime’. She was then charged under Article 152 of Sudan’s 1991 Criminal Code with ‘indecent or immoral dress’ and faces the possibility of receiving up to 40 lashes if convicted.

The trial of Amira Osman Hamed starts tonight and if convicted she could be sentenced to flogging in Sudan for refusing to cover her hair with a headscarf.

Appeal to the Sudanese Minister of Justice, Mohamed Bushara Dousa, to drop all charges against Amira Osman Hamed.

Please sign the petition. LINK

I was just wondering – will Sharia law be imposed on Muslims in the UK and will flogging then become the preferred punishment for erring women?

Brutal honour killing by Hindus in Haryana India

The village in Rohtak, Haryana, where a young couple was killed on Wednesday
The village in Rohtak, Haryana, where a young couple was killed on Wednesday

This is a macabre story that keeps repeating itself across the country. A girl and boy elope to Delhi. The girl (20) is a student of Fine Arts and the boy (23) is pursuing a Technical course.

They are tricked into returning to their village in Rohtak where the boy is beaten. His legs and arms are broken. Then he is beheaded. His head placed in the village square.  The girl also beaten till she dies and when the relatives attempt to cremate her the police arrive (alerted by a villager). Two uncles and some others are arrested.

Haryana is the worst state for women’s rights. It has the lowest female male ratio – under 600 females to a 1000 males.

It appears there is a genetic disorder running in many Indian males for they see women as a sub-species… No wonder the rapes continue even of children as old as two years.

Shame on you India for not protecting your women.


Learning fellatio in Russia – believe it or leave it!

Learning a skill like cooking, gardening, etc. is and hopefully will always be an edifying and enriching experience. But there are women out there who have found another ‘enriching’ experience. Believe or leave it…in Russia there are centres of ‘higher learning’ where women pay ‘top euro’ to learn fellatio and to find their sexuality (whatever this means). I just came across the following report in a French magazine.

News Report Pics. LINK

Is Britain a Christian or Secular Nation?

Could the continuing debate about veils and the influx of Muslims and their ‘religion’ into British society have something to do with the growing lack of faith by British Christians and therefore any religion becomes unacceptable?  Is Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, fulfilling the vows she took at her coronation? And is it possible that the ‘indigenous’ people of Britain feel threatened by Islam’s dress code and the ‘perceived’ ghettoisation of its followers because they themsleves have moved away from the religion of the country – Christianity?

Here are some excerpts that may throw light on this subject.



If being a secular state means keeping religion out of public life and out of education then quite clearly Britain is not a secular state. The Church of England, which can be dated in many respects from the  7th Century, predates the nation of England itself. In its early years the Church provided a degree of unity between the seven  kingdoms of the Angles and Saxons that then existed and which were not united politically for a century or more. Since the founding of the English nation it has seen itself as a Christian nation, its monarchs have affirmed allegiance to Christ(though the genuineness and character of their faith  can be doubted). It is still the case that the monarchy is a Christian monarchy.

The Queen at her coronation was asked “Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law?” to which she replied “All this I promise and  do.” It makes no sense to say that we are a secular state when its head of state has sworn to do such  a thing. Moreover, if the next monarch breaks this allegiance to Christ, as he seems willing to do, he will break what the monarchy has been since the inception of the English nation. We remember too that the Queen was crowned by the Archbishop – if we became a secular state but retained a monarch presumably the monarch would be crowned by the Prime Minister – or perhaps by the winner of a national competition.

Though the influence of the Christian faith in formal ways in national life is less than it was it is still very evident. The presence of the Lord’s spiritual in the house (however ineffective some may feel them to be), prayers before parliament, the fact of an established church including senior appointments, church legislation passed by parliament, senior appointments and the exercise of patronage by the Crown and Lord Chancellor all show that religion is still entwined in our national life Also, there have been the various royal weddings and funerals. Whatever a person may make of these things they all demonstrate that religion, the Christian religion, is very much part of our national life.

(I note that recently former Archbishop George Carey has been reported as arguing that the coronation service and oath should be revised to be more multi-cultural. When last reported present Archbishop Rowan Williams said that without revising the constitutional position of the monarchy the next monarch would have to affirm allegiance to the Christian faith.)

Article reprinted from Cross†Way Issue Summer 2006 No. 101 (C)opyright Church Society; material may be used for non-profit purposes provided that the source is acknowledged and the text is not altered.


And here is an excerpt from the official website of The British Monarchy LINK

In the United Kingdom, The Queen’s title includes the words ‘Defender of the Faith’.

This means Her Majesty has a specific role in both the Church of England and the Church of Scotland.

As established Churches, they are recognised by law as the official Churches of England and Scotland, respectively. In both England and Scotland, the established Churches are subject to the regulation of law. The principle of religious toleration is fully recognised both for those of other creeds and for those without any religious beliefs.

There are no established Churches in Northern Ireland nor in Wales. They were disestablished in 1869 in Northern Ireland and 1920 in Wales. There is no established Church in any Commonwealth country of which The Queen is monarch (i.e. a realm).

In addition to playing a role in the Churches of England and Scotland, The Queen recognises and supports the various other faiths practised in the UK and Commonwealth.


The solution to the ongoing controversy regarding Islam and its followers probably lies in how indigenous British view their country i.e. whether it is a secular country or a Christian country. 

FPI Indonesia – Miss World is a whore contest


It appears the Islamic Defenders Front, those charming folk who burn churches, beat people who wear jeans, publicly cut the long hair of youngsters, promote female genital mutilation, etc., are objecting to the holding of the Miss World Contest in Indonesia. A group of over 200 people from East Java including Surabaya, Jember, Madura and Banyuwangi attempted to cross over into Bali. Fortunately, the police stopped them.

It appears these ‘Miss’ contests across the world bring out the rancidness of race and religion.

I wonder if cross dressers are going to object to a Miss World being exclusively for women considering some of our very own male and female MyT bloggers use avatars of the opposite sex. Humm…I think it’s racist and sexiest to only have women in ‘Miss’ contests…the bencongs (girly boys) feel they are being discriminated against:)

Cassandra Lady in Waiting LINK