As Brazilians Rise – Stop Belo Monte!

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As Brazilians Rise, Stop Belo Monte!

As Brazilians Rise, Stop Belo Monte!Brazilians are angry – many people lack access to healthcare, quality education and reliable services while their politicians receive huge salaries and tax monies are allegedly diverted into payoffs and corrupt business deals. A recent increase in bus fares to help fund the lavish hosting of the 2014 World Cup has pushed the Brazilian public over the edge, launching sweeping protests across major cities. Nearly 250,000on Monday night alone!

Layered into the unrest is the public outcry over the Belo Monte Dam: a dangerous plan putting hydro power at the core of Brazil’s energy policy at great environmental and social cost. Allegations of dam builder, Norte Energia, using large political campaign contributions to buy the contract to build this now greatly over-budget, destructive, and militarized project have people fuming.

With your help we will continue to stand with those who are calling for peaceful and alternative solutions to dam-building and displacement.

Help us keep the heat on Brazil’s government, stop the Belo Monte dam and protect the rights of indigenous peoples. Stand with Brazilian civil society and indigenous communities as they stand together to call for change.

Please make a significant contribution that will make a real difference today.

For the Amazon,

Leila Salazar-Lopez
Leila Salazar-Lopez
Program Director

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