Sex Jihad – Saudi Cleric fatwa – Muslim girls and women ordered to Syria to sexually sacrifice their bodies to rebels!

Here is a disturbing News Report.

Human rights organisations, Muslim organisations, Arab media, Arab Talk Show Hosts et al continue to reveal the sordid details of this Sex Jihad. In the following report you will read about the distraught parents of ‘Aisa’ a 16 year old Tunisian girl who went to Syria on ‘hearing the call’. 

And to think that Western governments are arming these people?

It gives a whole new meaning to strange bedfellows.

News Report

News emerged a few weeks ago in Arabic media that yet another fatwa had called on practicing Muslim women to travel to Syria and offer their sexual services to the jihadis fighting to overthrow the secularist Assad government and install Islamic law. Reports attribute the fatwa to Saudi sheikh Muhammad al-’Arifi, who, along with other Muslim clerics earlier permitted jihadis to rape Syrian women.

Muslim women prostituting themselves in this case is being considered a legitimate jihad because such women are making sacrifices–their chastity, their dignity–in order to help apparently sexually-frustrated jihadis better focus on the war to empower Islam in Syria.

And it is prostitution–for they are promised payment, albeit in the afterlife. The Koran declares that “Allah has purchased of the believers their persons [their bodies] and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain (Yusuf Ali trans. 9:111).

On the basis of this fatwa, several young Tunisian Muslim girls traveled to Syria to be “sex-jihadis.” Video interviews of distraught parents bemoaning their daughters’ fates are on the Internet, including one of a father and mother holding a picture of their daughter: “She’s only 16–she’s only 16! They brainwashed her!” pleads the father.

Most recently, the Egyptian-based news service Masrawy published a video interview with “Aisha,” one of the Tunisian Muslim girls who went sex-jihading in Syria, only to regret her actions. While in Tunisia, Aisha said she met a Muslim woman who began talking to her about the importance of piety, including wearing the hijab; she then went on to talk about traveling to Syria to help the jihadis “fight and kill infidels” and make Allah’s word supreme, adding that “women who die would do so in the way of Allah and become martyrs and enter paradise.” (According to mainstream Islamic teaching, dying in jihad is the only guaranteed way to avoid hell.)

Aisha eventually came to the conclusion that she was being exploited in the name of religion and left.

While news that Muslim girls in hijabs are prostituting themselves in the name of Islam may surprise some, Islamic clerics regularly issue fatwas permitting forbidden things–so long as they help the jihad. For instance, not only did the original “underwear bomber” Abdullah Hassan al-Asiri hide explosives in his rectum to assassinate Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Nayef–they met in 2009 after the 22-year-old Asiri “feigned repentance for his jihadi views”–but, according to Shi’ite talk-show host Abdullah Al-Khallaf, he had fellow jihadis sodomize him to “widen” his anus to fit more explosives.

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How Assange and Snowden will bring down Ecuador for their own objectives!

News just in…

Ecuadorean government breaks US trade pact. It renounces Andean Trade Preference Act even as Snowden’s prospects of reaching Ecaudor from Moscow dimmed.

  • A document leaked to Univision on Wednesday showed that someone at Ecuador’s consulate in London did issue a safe conduct pass for the fugitive on June 22, as he prepared to leave Hong Kong. The name of the consul general, Fidel Narvaez, was printed but not signed.
  • Tola said it was unauthorised: “Any document of this type has no validity and is the exclusive responsibility of the person who issued it.”
  • The renunciation underlined divisions within Ecuador’s government between leftists who have embraced Snowden as an anti-imperialist symbol and centrists who fear diplomatic and economic damage.

So it appears that the end result will be that the people of Ecuador will bear the brunt of economic problems because their government is supporting the civil liberties of the citizens of USA and UK …

Incidentally, Ecuador’s media doesn’t enjoy the same freedom as the US or UK media…:)

If so many Westerners want the ‘liberties and rights enshrined in their constitution‘ let them find ways to assist Assange and Snowden…the rest of the world cares a flying …. 


ARDC responds to racial incitement by Israeli journalist Ben Caspit

Pic by Sari Ganulin in Live Encounters Magazine July 2012

News release

ARDC responds to racial incitement by Israeli journalist, Ben Caspit

The Israel Post and Jerusalem Post recently published a statistically and factually misleading article by Ben Caspit (“South Tel Aviv: Abandoned by the State”), a widely respected Israeli journalist, regarding asylum seekers and the abandoned and neglected southern neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv.

Whilst his article is littered with fallacies, ARDC debunks the top eight inaccuracies cited by Caspit in his inflammatory article. This includes, for example, his considerable inflation of the number of asylum seekers currently in Israel (despite the fact that the correct figure is publically available); his assessment that those fleeing Eritrea and Sudan cannot be legitimate refugees; his description of the ease with which asylum seekers can open a business; and his accusation that asylum seekers are the cause of the area’s general deterioration.

ARDC does not dispute the description of South Tel Aviv as a neighbourhood rife with drugs, prostitution, trafficking and crime.

Caspit, however, fails to recognize that both the long-term residents of South Tel Aviv and asylum seekers are victims of the government’s failure to act. Harsh government policies combined with lack of intervention results in exploitation and extortion in the work place and the rental market for asylum seekers.

Read the full response.

Note –

Israel to deport refugees – Here is an article published in Live Encounters a year ago – Asylum seekers in Tel Aviv Special Report by Steven Beck, Director of Israel – Diaspora Relations- Be kind to the stranger for we were once strangers… LINK

Has the social contract been abrogated?

Pic by Mark Ulyseas

The news these days is all about people on the streets protesting about a government‘s actions or inaction. Many are beaten, arrested, incarcerated. The existence of the Surveillance State is confirmed. Not that anyone doubted its existence. The move towards religious fundamentalism is growing and this violent energy fuels the politics of hate and divide.

The common thread that was used to weave the social fabric of a society is defective…the weft is warped and warp is knotted and frayed. There is no intrinsic strength, no value to this social fabric.

Borders are being defined be it in the bedroom, work place, city, country and even cemeteries…who gets to be buried with dignity and who gets to be chucked on the roadside. Life value is based on twisted concepts of civilised behaviour and contorted cultural notions of heritage.

Social structures are being dismantled and make shift ones are replacing them at a frightening pace, thereby uprooting time tested values of family and country. The new rules are being written as we go along, day by day, by anyone and everyone. Ad hocism is the order of the day.

So has the social contract been abrogated or are we in the midst of renegotiating this contract to suit not the needs of all but those of a few?

Live Encounters Magazine July 2013

Live Encounters Magazine July 2013

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Graeme Hamilton
musician, vocalist, producer (UB40, Al Green, Au Pairs, Andy Hamilton etc.)

Carol Buckley
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Sabbah Haji
a woman of substance, director of Haji Public School Kashmir, India.

Chris Hedges
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Terry Mcdonagh
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Natalie Wood
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As Brazilians Rise – Stop Belo Monte!

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As Brazilians Rise, Stop Belo Monte!

As Brazilians Rise, Stop Belo Monte!Brazilians are angry – many people lack access to healthcare, quality education and reliable services while their politicians receive huge salaries and tax monies are allegedly diverted into payoffs and corrupt business deals. A recent increase in bus fares to help fund the lavish hosting of the 2014 World Cup has pushed the Brazilian public over the edge, launching sweeping protests across major cities. Nearly 250,000on Monday night alone!

Layered into the unrest is the public outcry over the Belo Monte Dam: a dangerous plan putting hydro power at the core of Brazil’s energy policy at great environmental and social cost. Allegations of dam builder, Norte Energia, using large political campaign contributions to buy the contract to build this now greatly over-budget, destructive, and militarized project have people fuming.

With your help we will continue to stand with those who are calling for peaceful and alternative solutions to dam-building and displacement.

Help us keep the heat on Brazil’s government, stop the Belo Monte dam and protect the rights of indigenous peoples. Stand with Brazilian civil society and indigenous communities as they stand together to call for change.

Please make a significant contribution that will make a real difference today.

For the Amazon,

Leila Salazar-Lopez
Leila Salazar-Lopez
Program Director