The boy was given a .22 rifle for his brithday. Apparently it lay loaded in a corner (the parents claim they didn’t know it was loaded). While playing the little boy picked up the rifle and shot his baby sister dead.

The lobotomized coroner made this flippant statement.

“It’s a Crickett,” the coroner explained. “It’s a little rifle for a kid… The little boy’s used to shooting the little gun.”

“Just one of those crazy accidents,” he added.

I suppose the Gun Lobby will justify giving a 5 year old child a gun…teach children how to kill at a young age is a good idea. Who knows tomorrow they may grow up to become President of the USA – bombing and invading other countries.

The gun lobby in America will have you believe that it’s every American’s right to own a gun to protect oneself. So where were these folk when two young lads were running around Boston shooting people?