Al Qaeda – a multinational company with personnel problems!

Moktar Belmoktar

The human resource department of Al Qaeda ‘manages’ the many branches of the organization with apparent strict enforcement of hierarchy i.e. chain of command. It doesn’t permit ‘loose cannons’.

It has been reported that one of their leading lights, Moktar Belmoktar, has gone on an ego trip and has not responded to the attempted disciplinary action against him by the top brass of murder inc. Belmoktar took leave of absence and carried out two deadly attacks that killed 101: hostage taking at a BP gas operated plant in Algeria (Jan 2013)and bombings at a military base and a French uranium mine in Niger (last week).

Apparently, the Board of Directors of Al qaeda, 14-member Shura council had written to Belmoktar criticizing the latter’s refusal to resign and start his own ‘company’. It appears he wants to be followed and rejects the idea of ‘following’ the board’s instructions. Although he uses the Al Qaeda brand name.

In 2008 Belmoktar kidnapped a Canadian diplomat, Robert Fowler and his colleague and held them for four months for ransom.The case was referred to Al-Qaeda central which sought to force concessions in the US-led war in Afghanistan. But Belmoktar had other plans. He made a deal of 700,000 Euros for both men and kept the cash for himself. This was way below the ‘usual fee’ of US$3 million per hostage that European governments ‘normally’ pay.

Al-Qaeda is fast losing its ‘local brand managers’. The splintering of the group has been going on for some time now as many of the erstwhile branch managers find it lucrative to ‘manage their own finances’.

It is clear that religion is not the purpose of this organization but a means of earning money by using the Holy Koran as the equivalent of Mao’s little red book.

The Al Qaeda Mission Statement is to use the Koran as an excuse to murder innocent people, incite Muslims to violence – all for a dollar. In the end it is always about money and power. Religion is merely the opium administered to the masses. As with any multinational selling a packaged dream so do Al Qaeda – except the dream is about seventy virgins awaiting the butchers in after life.

And as expected there is a sucker born every minute.

News Report LINK

FBI Alert of Photo-Sharing scams on the internet

IC3 Logo

Intelligence Note

Prepared by theInternet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

May 30, 2013
FBI Logo


The FBI has seen an increase in cyber criminals who use online photo-sharing programs to perpetrate scams and harm victims’ computers. These criminals advertise vehicles online but will not provide pictures in the advertisement. They will send photos on request. Sometimes the photo is a single file sent as an e-mail attachment, and sometimes the victim receives a link to an online photo gallery.

The photos can/often contain malicious software that infects the victims” computer, directing them to fake websites that look nearly identical to the real site where they originally saw the advertisement. The cyber criminals run all aspects of these fake websites, including “tech support” or “live chat support,” and any “recommended” escrow services. After the victim agrees to purchase the item and makes the payment, the criminals stop responding to correspondence. The victims never receive any merchandise.

The FBI urges consumers to protect themselves when shopping online. Here are a few tips for staying safe:

  • Be cautious if you are on an auction site and lose an auction and the seller contacts you later saying the original bidder fell through.
  • Make sure websites are secure and authenticated before you purchase an item online. Use only well-known escrow services.
  • Research to determine if a car dealership is real and how long it has been in business.
  • Be wary if the price for the item you’d like to buy is severely undervalued; if it is, the item is likely fraudulent.
  • Scan files before downloading them to your computer.
  • Keep your computer software, including the operating system, updated with the latest patches.
  • Ensure your anti-virus software and firewalls are current – they can help prevent malware infections.

If you have fallen victim to this type of scam, file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center,

Spread of armed insurrection by Maoists in India


Heavily armed Maoists ambushed a convoy of Congress leaders in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar district on Saturday 25th May, killing 27 people including State Congress Chief Nand Kumar Patel, senior leader Mahendra Karma and ex-MLA Uday Mudliyar besides leaving 36 others injured including former Union Minister VC Shukla. LINK

Power flows from the gun – this is the belief of the Naxals (Maoists) who are ‘apparently’ fighting for the rural poor in India – lower castes, advasis(tribals) etc. They have established a network across 170 districts in 15 States. The Naxals have been known to attack police stations, destroy government infrastructure, kidnap government officials, extortion, torture and murder. There are areas in these States that are so dangerous that State governments have advised extreme caution for those politicians or government officials travelling through them; they are often accompanied by heavily armed paramilitary forces.

The Naxals have set up bases across many States and from there have greatly increased their influence. There are ‘liberated zones’ where no one dares enter without adequate armed back-up by State forces. This is a Class struggle that targets ‘upper castes, zamindars (feudal landlords), commercial interests and of course the security forces.

These Maoist guerrillas are called the Red Taliban for the laws they enforce in the ‘liberated’ zones. They pose a serious threat to the very fabric of the democratic process.

There are claims from some sources that these Naxals are being given ‘support’ in man, weapons and finance from the ‘leftovers’ of the LTTE (who blame India for their defeat by Sri Lankan forces), Philippines communists, erstwhile militant groups in India and across the border in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma.

So why have the Naxals been able to gain ground over the years?

Some determining factors:

–          Corruption : at all levels : Primary Health Centres which in most cases are non-existent, local governance,

–          Caste System: This plays an important part in the rural set up. Upper castes are known to dispense their own justice when it comes to the tribals etc. enforced slavery, rape, beatings and more only alienate them (tribals) for they cannot turn to the government system for justice as this too in many cases is ‘ruled’ by the upper castes’ and further are corrupt. In some areas the tirbals are treated like savages with no civil or human rights.

–          Politics: The wishy washy attempt to resist the ‘red embrace’ by countering with largesse – hand outs to tribals that are either ill conceived or merely ‘band-aid’. The inherent problems are not tackled nor is there a concerted effort to do away with wretched ancient caste system.

–          Commerce/industry: The tribals fight a losing battle against the conglomerates who ‘legally’ get access to their land for setting up one industry or another. This is theft. No one seeks the tribals approval nor do they get any compensation whatsoever. One must admit that there are feeble attempts to bring them (tribals) into the social mainstream of the country.

So how does the Indian Government tackle this situation?

–          Police stations in the affected areas have been ‘reinforced’ with watch towers etc.

–          Paramilitary forces often ‘encounter’ the naxals who use  tribal women and children and shields…a bloody collateral damage.

–          The Indian Air Force has deployed its latest Mi-17-5 helicopters in Nagpur to cover Chhatisgarh (who the massacre took place on Saturday 25th May) and Madhya Pradesh. The (SOP) Standard Operating Procedure laid by the Defence Ministry – Fire in self defence only. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose?

–          The red menace has encouraged the growth of non-state anti-naxal groups e.g. Salwa Judum in the State of Chattisgarh. Interestingly the government has supported such ‘extra-judicial groups’ which has resulted in tribals being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. These groups unwittingly have also committed serious human rights violations like summary executions (like the Naxals). This has generated ‘criticism’ from the honourable Supreme Court of India and the Central government.


A shining example –

May 25, 2013 – According to reports, about 250 suspected Naxals, blasted a heavy Improvised Explosive Device (IED) to stop a convoy of about 25 cars carrying Congress leaders in the state and then fired upon them. Although the security men travelling with the Congress convoy fired back, they soon exhausted their ammunition and were cornered in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar district, killing 27 people including State Congress Chief Nand Kumar Patel, senior leader Mahendra Karma and ex-MLA Uday Mudliyar besides leaving 36 others injured including former Union Minister VC Shukla.

The personal security officer of senior Congress leader Vidya Charan Shukla who had run out of ammunition and was crushed under a car, shouted out to VC Shukla,

 ”Sir, I have not been able to protect you. I take your leave.” He then shot himself. And so did the driver of the vehicle for fear of being caught alive by the Naxals who administer special treatment to captured security personnel.

The security forces are still looking for an abducted policeman.

So how should India fight the Red Taliban?

Ask any social activist or NGO and this will be their answer.

–          The tribals need to be treated like humans and not animals. Thereby utmost care and attention must be given to their roti,  kapada and makaan (food, clothes and shelter – a euphemism that also includes healthcare and social acceptability).

–          The existing laws in the country include jail time for those using derogatory words/actions against a person of a lower caste: this should be enforced and seen to be enforced.

–          Tribal lands must not be unilaterally acquired and the tribals must be informed and their interests protected by the State and given precedence over commercial interests.

–          The civil and human rights of the tribals and other lower castes must be protected and those abusing it even though they may include government or security forces must be punished.

–           Human slavery/bondage must end. Whole families, veen children as young a 2 years are human slaves. The Internaitonal Justice Mission, among other NGOs operating in india have been instrumental is saving/rescuing hundreds of families from slavery. This must end.

–           Support for the subsistence farmers/families whose crops have failed due to drought etc. It is claimed that more than 250,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide over the years due to failure of crops etc. Their families are left in penury and are then easy targets for slave owners/Red Taliban.

–          Corruption is endemic in India – it has not left anything untouched. Monies and other welfare schemes for tribals are often ‘looted’ by vested interests. This should stop and those found dipping their hands into funds allocated for the tribals must be prosecuted.

The danger that the Moaist pose to Indian democracy is best reflected in these chilling words uttered by a Chinese official– “We can break India anytime we want”


What a shame – Women of the Wall – home vandalized by ultra orthodox Jews!

Anat Hoffman and other Women of the Wall praying at the Wall.

Anat Hoffman has written an article “Answered Prayers” in which she announced “Judge Moshe Sobel of the Jerusalem District Court issued a groundbreaking ruling saying our group was not illegal and we would be allowed to pray at the Wall without fear of further detentions. That same week, Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky sat with Women of the Wall to discuss his plan for new section that would be set aside for egalitarian prayer at the Kotel. I began to receive congratulations from around the world as if the struggle was over, but, as is often the case in politics, the devil is in the details.”

Today I received the following mail informing me that Ultra Orthodox Jews have vandalized the home of one of the Woman of the Wall. What is with the ultra orthodox Jews why can’t they allow Jewish women to pray at the wall wearing their tallit? This is shameful.


Dear Mark,

With Anat away on a speaking tour in the United States, I wanted to update you on some disturbing patterns we have been observing here in Jerusalem.

Since the landmark Sobel ruling in Jerusalem’s District Court, which enabled Women of the Wall to pray according to their customs at the Kotel, the backlash from the ultra-Orthodox community has been growing steadily. We witnessed a wave of violence at the Kotel last Rosh Hodesh. A week ago, Peggy Cidor, a board member of Women of the Wall, had her home vandalized with threatening graffiti.

The spiritual leader of the Shas political party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, has threatened to bring 100,000 protesters with him on June 9th for Rosh Chodesh.  Hopefully, this will not lead to a repeat of last month’s violent outbursts at the Western Wall.

Given the increase in violent rhetoric coming from opponents of the Sobel ruling and the Sharansky plan, it is our duty to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions. Anat is the most visible leader in the Jewish world on this issue. Her safety is always our primary concern and we will make sure that all relevant security measures are in place, both at home and in the office, to enable her continue to lead us in the fight for equality and freedom.

Meanwhile, we need to keep up the flow of emails to the Prime Minister’s office until next week, letting him know that although the ultra-Orthodox can make a big show, we are still the majority of world Jewry.


Noa Sattath
Director, IRAC
Please write to Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Thank you.

Ultra Orthodox Jews at the Wall threatening women of the wall who had gone to pray

Sharia in Australia – Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon

The New Face of Islam?

White Christian Aussie, Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, turns to Islam and becomes a self appointed gendarme of Sharia Law which he says should be imposed in Australia.

The rest you can view in the following videos.

(Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon is the controversial Islamic preacher and founder of ‘Sharia4Australia’ who was jailed in 2012 for terrorism and other offences and since released. His former name was Shannon James Conlon. Ibrahim graduated from the University of Technology).

(A MUSLIM preacher Ibrahim Conlon has faced court on charges related to accessing child pornography and making a hoax threat in the lead up to this year’s Mardi Gras. Under the terms of his bail conditions Siddiq-Conlon is not to access the internet and not to be left unaccompanied in the presence of a child under the age of 18, other than his children. He is not to be within 50m of a school, pre-school or child care centre. He is to reside at a property in Cowra and report to the local police station twice a week. March 14, 2102) LINK

Britain – It is about race nor Islam

MyTelegraph is awash with indignant bloggers dissecting and bissecting Islam and the ‘inroads’ it has made in Britain. All are Anglo-Saxons. I don’t see any other ‘shades’ among them.

You have yourselves to blame. This wouldn’t have happened if you did not leave your faith, Christianity.Now even young Anglo-Saxons are turning to Islam because they find a meaning in it… a brotherhood unlike the tepid Christianity doing the rounds.

It is the British Anglo-Saxons who have left their religion who are now whining about their country. I don’t hear the other shades of skin colour whining? – The Sikhs, the Hindus. The Buddhists. The Jains etc. who are also British citizens.

This is not about religion.

This is about race.

Note; Many vociferous ‘British bloggers’ on MyT have abandoned the land of their birth and live elsewhere. They don’t want to sully their lives living among the ‘British’. And yet they are the ones loudly whining about the state of their country, their government.

All this whining will have no effect if these whiners don’t get off their butts, get onto the streets and be the change. If this doesn’t happen the result will be – The Islam Kingdom of Great Britain.

Why can’t Britain do what Saudi is doing?

Saudi’s ‘Nitaqat’ law: 75,000 Indians set to return, numbers could go up

The ‘Nitaqat’ programme, which is meant to regularise foreign workers, makes it mandatory for local companies to hire one Saudi national for every 10 migrant workers.

Those who fail to find another job or a sponsor have to go back. As a result of this law, a number of people who were working without valid work permits and runaways have come under the scanner.

Once the grace period time till July 3 ends, all those expatriates who are found in Saudi Arabia without valid papers will be jailed and heavily penalised.

Why can’t Britain get rid of the illegal immigrants of all hues by enactign such a law?

Just asking.


Ps. oops…I forgot the multitude of  flotsam jetsam from the EU who have a ‘valid visa’ to work in the UK. I am sure some bright spark in the political firmament will find a loop hole to solve this problem.

What is British Culture?

Is it










What does it mean to be British?

–          Dress?

–          Food?

–          Religion?

–          Language?

People from far away dominions of this once great empire are now compressed on an island north of Europe. The result – cultures jostling for space any which way, even if it means encroaching into areas once reserved exclusively for the natives. The borders have become blurred.

So confrontations do occur, cultural confrontations.  And religion has become a weapon of mass destruction by those seeking to impose their culture. And they will succeed not because their culture is stronger in terms of beliefs or customs but because the native culture has actively permitted itself to be diluted into a tepid cup that cheers, apologetics abound while those resisting are not actively involved in  countering the emerging dominant culture and its side kick religion.

Thus, the inevitable will happen and change will come.

Unless of course the talkers become doers

Note: Religion cements cultures. It is the eternal spring that satiates those seeking a meaning to their existence. The resident culture is failing, giving up ground because its nucleus has been, over the years, gradually been replaced by a ‘me’ factor. While the merging dominant culture is still very much centred around ‘we’. Curiously, the emerging culture is an amalgamation of many cutlures cemented together by one powerful adhesive – religion. Unfortunately, the resident culture has all but given up on its religion and thus forfeited its right to exist.

What do you expect Britain?

The butchery on a street in London is a direct result of what Britain has done in Iraq and Afghanistan, among other places. To exacerbate the situation it has forfeited its sovereignty by bowing to the diktats of the ECHR and allowing this court to overrule British courts. Added to this is the infiltration of the State by undesirables who do not see the prevalent culture as one to embrace but seek to enforce an alien medieval form of society.

The absurdity of the State: From June 2012 till January 2013 the British Police have spent around US$ 4.5 million to surround the Ecuadorean Embassy so that Julian Assange does not ‘escape’.  This money could have been better spent protecting its own citizens.

It is time Britain got a proactive government that restores the dignity of the State.

The first step is to deport all illegal immigrants including Abu Qatada. The ECHRcan take a hike!

And the second step should be to dissolve government and call for General Elections.

It is time to remove the gloves and stop being a nation of talkers.

PS: Involvement in Syria will only bring more butchers to the doorstep of Britain.

British Government is giving resident visas to 700 Afghan translators

The Afghan translators have worked with the British Army, which has been fighting the Taliban, and therefore have no secure future in Afghanistan come 2014 when ‘allied’ forces leave the country. My guess is that there will be a deluge of immigrants, probably running into thousands, from this war torn State. Not many countries in the EU will be forthcoming with help and so Great Britain will once again play host, benefactor at the cost of its own survival.

What a mess.

Foreign policy always has its flip side.

And this is it.

Maybe Britain has become a Third World country – LINK