How Arabs buy Indian brides while on holiday in India


MumbaiA month-long investigation by MiD DAY journalists has revealed a twisted form of human trafficking that involves rich Arabs, greedy Qazis, sham marriages, agents and girls lured into the flesh trade or those looking for a quick buck.

The modus operandi: set up a temporary or time-bound wedding to a rich Arab. The affluent Arab offers a negotiated amount for the services of a ‘wife’ during his stay in India. The price for the ‘booty’ varies from Rs. 15,000 to nearly a lakh for the 10-day marriage. Girls from poor families are sold like commodities to the Arabs, many of whom arrive on tourist visas from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar. While this may seem shocking to many, the women involved in this latest form of flesh trade are often willing participants.

The Arab and The Qazi
These predators have been perpetrating a blatant crime under the veneer of nikaah, abusing the Islamic rules of marriage. Abusing the sanctioned provision which allows a Muslim man to have four wives at a time, many old Arabs are not just marrying minors in Mumbai and Hyderabad, but marrying more than one minor in a single trip to the country.

The Pimp and The Victim

A healthy stream of women keep flowing into the city from all parts of the country to solicit the Arab clientele who have turned Mumbai into a sex haven. For as little asRs 2,000 per job, scores of women line up every evening hoping to catch the eye of the adulterous tourist.

Over a month-long operation, Kranti Vibhute posed as a would-be bride and Bhupen Patel as her friend trying to help her get the deal. They found that these deal brokers, prostitutes and Qazis have been running this business quite explicitly.

A Qazi, who solemnises the weddings and also facilitates the divorce proceedings, takes 50 percent of the negotiated price as his cut. The agent, who sources the girls, takes 25 percent of the balance amount.

The pimps, cab drivers and sub-agents charge Rs. 500-1,000 per deal.

The Arab gets a sex slave for a temporary period, who he calls his ‘wife’, and takes her on a vacation with him. Once the honeymoon period is over, he brings her back dumps her with a ‘talaaq’ and goes back to the Qazi’s office for a new bride. The girl gets her cut and lines up for the next husband to come her way.

The Qazis solemnise these sham marriages, in violation of Islamic principles of nikaah and talaaq. A woman cannot be married off to another man unless her first husband gives her a divorce, or she has sought khula (separation) and has completed the iddat period (a gap of at least three months and 13 days).

Owing to abject poverty and wretched living conditions, many women are forced into the world of flesh trade. While some girls have fallen victim to the flesh trade, tricked by the promise of monetary benefits and a better standard of living, others have chosen the path to make a quick buck.

During the course of the operation, MiD DAY discovered that several women, who were once sold as brides to Arabs, have now turned into agents and pimps. The women now scout villages and cities looking for fresh blood to incorporate into the trade.

Christmas Message from Bishop Raul Vera


NEWS REPORT – CHRISTOPHER SHERMAN – Tuesday December 25, 2012

Associated Press= MONCLOVA, Mexico (AP) — The white-haired bishop stepped before some 7,000 faithful gathered in a baseball stadium in this violence-plagued northern border state. He led the gathering through the rituals of his Mass, reciting prayers echoed back by the massive crowd. And then his voice rose.

Politicians are tied to organized crime, Bishop Raul Vera bellowed while inaugurating the church’s Year of Faith. Lawmakers’ attempts to curb money laundering are intentionally weak. New labor reforms are a way to enslave Mexican workers.

How, Vera asked, can Mexicans follow leaders “who are the ones who have let organized crime grow, who have let criminals do what they do unpunished, because there’s no justice in this country!”

In a nation where some clergy have been cowed into silence by drug cartels and official power, Vera is clearly unafraid to speak. That makes him an important voice of dissent in a country where the Roman Catholic Church often works hand-in-hand with the powerful, and where cynicism about politics is widespread and corrosive.

Vera’s realm is a wide swath of Coahuila, a state bordering Texas that’s become a hideout for the brutal Zetas drug cartel. It’s where the current governor’s nephew was killed in October and the former governor, the victim’s father, resigned last year as leader of the political party that just returned to power with newly inaugurated President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Marked by his unvarnished speech, the Saltillo bishop’s voice carries beyond his diocese here, especially when he weighs in on hot issues such as drug violence, vulnerable immigrants and gay rights.

“What we’re seeing now is nothing other than the reaccommodation of the criminal groups with the new government teams,” Vera said later as he raced back to Saltillo for another Mass. “The criminal groups always have their agreements with those who are in the state governments, in the federal government.”

“It flows out of his conviction: The church is for everyone,” Rev. Robert Coogan said, an American priest in Saltillo ordained by Vera,


This is Christianity…fighting for the less fortunate. My prayers are for Bishop Raul Vera and his flock.

Live Encounters Magazine January 2013

Live Encounters Magazine January 2013


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Why burn the Koran?

 Mob burns alive man accused of desecrating the Koran- LINK

What is the difference?

Burn the Koran?

Burn the Bible?

Burn the Bhagavad Gita?

Burn the Torah?

Burn any “Holy Book”?

So what?

The Book is anyways printed and “made” by some human?

So why burn a man?

Is Our God so castrated that we need to take the Law into our own hands?

Is our God so useless that we need to use violence to protect Him?

Have we lost the Message of Love and Forgiveness?

Could it be that we are looking at the grammar and syntax instead of looking at the lyricism of Life?

Hopefully 2013 will be a year of Love and Understanding Respect.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

The Rape Capital of India, New Delhi – a shocking report by Association For Democratic Reforms

New Delhi:  The 23-year-old medical student who was brutally raped in a moving bus in Delhi on Sunday, has been taken off the ventilator and is attempting to speak now. LINK

Political parties in the Capital are jostling with one another to condemn the ghastly rape etc. But the question being asked by the common folk is “How can these politicians condemn this incident when some among them have been charged with rape etc.?” Here is a shocking report just released by the Association For Democratic Reforms.

Highlights of the report

  • 6 MLAs have declared that they have charges of rape against themselves in their sworn affidavits submitted to the Election Commission of India at the time of their election.
  • Of these 6 MLAs with declared rape cases, 3 are from SP namely Sribhagwan Sharma, Anoop Sanda and Manoj Kumar Paras from Uttar Pradesh, 1 from BSP namely Mohd. Aleem Khan from Uttar Pradesh, 1 of BJP namely Jethabhai G.Ahir from Gujarat and 1 of TDP namely Kandikunta Venkata Prasad from Andhra Pradesh.
  • 36 other MLAs have declared that they have other charges of crimes against women such as outraging the modesty of a woman, assault, insulting the modesty of a woman etc.
  • Of the 36 MLAs who have declared that they have charges of crimes against women, 6 MLAs are from INC , 5 from BJP and 3 from SP.
  • U.P. has the maximum number of MLAs (8) who have declared that they have charges of crimes against women, followed by Orissa and West Bengal with 7 MLAs each.
  • 2 MPs, namely Semmalai S of ADMK from Salem constituency in Tamil Nadu and Adhikari Suvendu of AITC from Tamluk constituency in West Bengal, have declared that they have charges of crimes against women, such as cruelty and intent to outrage a woman’s modesty etc.


  • Political Parties gave tickets to 27 candidates who contested the State Elections in the last five years, who have declared that they have been charged with rape.
  • Of these 7 are Independent candidates, 5 have been given tickets by SP, 2 have been given tickets by BJP, 2 are BSP candidates and 1 has been given a ticket by INC.
  • Out of these 27 candidates who declared rape charges, 10 are from Uttar Pradesh, and 5 are from Bihar.
  • Political Parties also gave tickets to 260 other contesting candidates in the Legislative Assembly Elections held in the last five years have declared that they have charges of crimes against women such as outraging the modesty of a woman, assault, insulting the modesty of a woman etc.
  • Out of the 260 candidates who declared that they have been charged with crimes against women, 72 are IND candidates, 24 have been given tickets by the BJP, 26 candidates have been given tickets by the INC, 16 have been given tickets by the SP and 18 have been given tickets by BSP.
  • Maharasthra has the maximum number of such candidates (41), followed by Uttar Pradesh (37) and West Bengal (22).
  • In Lok Sabha 2009 Elections, political parties gave tickets to 6 candidates who declared that they have been charged with rape,
  • Of these, 1 is from RPP, 1 from RCP, 1 from BSP, 1 from JMM and 2 Independent candidates.
  • Out of these 6 candidates who declared rape charges 3 are from Bihar, 1 from Delhi, 1 from Uttar Pradesh and 1 from Andhra Pradesh
  • 34 other contesting candidates from the Lok Sabha 2009 General Elections declared that they have charges of crimes against women.
  • 12 out of the other 34 Lok Sabha 2009 candidates who declared that they have been charged with crimes against women, are IND candidates, 4 are BSP candidates and 2 each from AITC and CPI (ML) (L).
  • Maximum cases of crimes against women are against candidates from Bihar (9), followed by Maharashtra (6), and Uttar Pradesh (5).
  • ADR and NEW strongly recommend that political parties should stop giving tickets to candidates with criminal backgrounds and who have been charged with serious crimes like murder, attempt to murder, especially crimes against women such as rape.


No Free Speech for Birds in China

A member of the starling bird family, the common hill myna or Gracula religiosa is native to south and south-east Asia and is famed for its ability to imitate human speech Photo: Alamy


Chinese zookeepers have sentenced a Vietnamese bird to solitary confinement after visitors taught the animal to greet tourists with a barrage of expletives.

To avoid contaminating its cage mates, the animal, which was not named, has reportedly been placed in solitary confinement where it is undergoing “special training”.

Keen to rehabilitate the foul-mouthed bird, zookeepers have been playing it tapes containing “polite words”.

Future offenders will be deprived of food, the newspaper added.


Feathered friends close to the bird refuse to divulge the exact nature and composition of the expletives but they have voiced concern stating “Free speech for the birds is now being encroached upon by the State. We will fight it beak and claw”.

Lord Leveson’s Epiphany in Oz?

Lord Justice Leveson
Lord Justice Leveson: competition from bloggers and tweeters ‘may encourage unethical and potentially unlawful practices to get a story’ Photograph: Graeme Robertson. The Guardian

News Report

Lord Justice Leveson has warned that unless criminal and civil law is enforced against bloggers, the quality of journalism in conventional media could deteriorate.

Leveson, speaking in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday morning (UK time), said journalists on newspapers might be encouraged to cut corners and to adopt unethical and potentially illegal practices to get a story in the face of competition from the internet.

The court of appeal judge who presided over the 16-month inquiry into media ethics and practices in the UK made his remarks at his second public outing since his report on the future of press regulation was published on 29 November.

In a speech entitled Hold the front page: news gathering in a time of change, he told the University of Melbourne that “the question for us all” will be what changes will become necessary “to ensure that the criminal and civil law remain effective” for both the internet and conventional media.

The competition from bloggers and tweeters, “may encourage unethical and potentially unlawful practices to get a story”, he said.

“The effect then is an indirect one, and one which lies behind the headline and the front-page scoop,” Leveson added. “In a culture which sees some act with impunity in the face of the civil law, and the criminal law, a general decline in standards may arise.”

He described bloggers and tweeters as an “electronic version of pub gossip” and said they acted differently to established journalists who have “a powerful reputation for accuracy”. He added that it was a “pernicious and false belief” that bloggers were not subject to the same laws as print and broadcast journalists.


How will the quality of journalism in conventional media deteriorate because of what bloggers post? Has journalism fallen to such low standards that we need to prosecute offending bloggers to protect journalists?

It is the blogging network that has borne the brunt of State terrorism in Iran, China, Syria etc. for speaking the truth about ground realities. So does Lord Leveson agree with these governments that are prosecuting their own bloggers because they have broken the law? Or, is there selective amnesia prevalent.

The truth is that governments around the world have suddenly woken up to the power of the internet and the influence of bloggers. They now seek to control this media. These utterances by His Lordship head in this direction.

So, are we on the threshold of an Orwellian Era?

BTW I don’t recall reading anywhere in the Report about prosecuting bloggers to prevent inept journalists from plagiarising their posts? Could this be Lord Leveson’s Epiphany in Oz?

FBI – Annual Hate Crime Report Released

Hate Crimes Accounting Annual Report Released


Hate Crimes report logo
View Report | Press Release

In 2011, U.S. law enforcement agencies reported 6,222 hate crime incidents involving 7,254 offenses, according to our just-released Hate Crime Statistics, 2011 report. These incidents included offenses like vandalism, intimidation, assault, rape, murder, etc.

The data contained in this report, which is a subset of the information that law enforcement submits to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program, includes the following categories: offense type, location, bias motivation, victim type, number of individual victims, number of offenders, and race of offenders.

Highlights from the 2011 Report:

  • Of the 6,222 reported hate crimes, 6,216 were single-bias incidents—46.9 percent were racially motivated, 20.8 percent resulted from sexual orientation bias, 19.8 percent were motivated by religious bias, 11.6 stemmed from ethnicity/national origin bias, and 0.9 percent were prompted by disability bias.
  • Breakdown of Bias cases

    Law enforcement agencies reported 7,713 victims of hate crime—victims can be individuals, businesses, institutions, or society as whole. Sixty percent of these 7,713 were victims of crimes against persons, while 39.8 were victims of crimes against property.

  • Thirty-two percent of the 6,222 hate crime incidents reported took place in or near residences; 18 percent took place on highways, roads, and alleys; and 9.3 percent took place at schools or colleges. The remaining percentage took place at locations like houses of worship, parking lots, bars, government and office buildings, etc.

New in Hate Crime Reporting

Beginning in 2013, law enforcement agencies reporting hates crimes will be able to get even more specific when reporting bias motivation.

For example, the new bias categories of gender and gender identity—which added four new bias types—were added to the FBI’s hate crime data collection as a result of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Other bias types were modified to comply with the race and ethnicity designations specified by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. Data submitted under these new specifications will be part of the UCR program’s new system, scheduled to go online next year. (The 2013 crime data will be published in 2014).

2012 Successes in Investigating Hate Crimes

– In December, two Mississippi men pled guilty to federal hate crimes for their roles in assaulting African-Americans in Jackson. More

– In November, a South Carolina man was sentenced for committing a federal hate crime against an African-American teenager. More

– In October, a Louisiana man pled guilty to charges of defacing places of worship and lying to an FBI agent. More

– In September, a jury in Cleveland convicted 16 defendants on federal hate crime charges for religiously motivated assaults on members of the Amish community.More

– In August, a Detroit man pled guilty to a federal hate crime charge, admitting he assaulted a victim because he thought the man was gay. More

– In April, three Houston men were sentenced to federal prison on federal hate crime charges related to a racially motivated attack against a man waiting at a bus stop. More

FBI’s Role in Investigating Hate Crimes

Hate crimes continue to be the highest priority of the Bureau’s civil rights program because of their heinous nature and their impact on victims and communities (see sidebar for case examples). We investigate hate crimes that fall under federal jurisdiction, assist state and local authorities during their own investigations, and in some cases—with the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division—monitor developing situations to determine if federal action is appropriate.

In addition to responding to hate crimes, we’re also taking a proactive approach to hate crimes overall. We’re integrating a cadre of analysts with our experienced investigators to not only establish a national threat picture but to identify risk factors that can be used by FBI field offices to assess the potential for hate crimes at the local level.

Increasing Hate Crime Awareness

Most of all, we’re working to increase awareness of these crimes by establishing liaisons with civic and religious leaders and credible community organizations. Through our UCR program, we offer training to help law enforcement recognize hate crimes and also assist our partners in developing their own hate crimes training programs.

– Press release
– Hate Crime Statistics, 2011