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Corruption is killing tigers. The government is handing out forests to coal companies.

It’s the biggest scam ever. [1] Between 2004-2009 the Coal Ministry, then under the Prime Minister, allocated coal mines to companies and government bodies at a throw-away price. The loss of  10.67 lakh crores projected by the CAG doesn’t even account for forests, wildlife and the livelihood of forest communities that will be destroyed by coal mining.

Even after the scam was unearthed, forests in Mahan, in Madhya Pradesh have received provisional clearance to be destroyed for coal mining. [2] This will be followed by the destruction of other forests like Chandrapur in Maharashtra and across Central India. The government needs to protect them instead of giving them away for free.

You should ask the Prime Minister to stop all new coal allocations and forest clearances until the scam has been investigated and there is a clear demarcation of areas that shouldn’t be mined.


The only way to get the PM act is to show him that lakhs in this country want him to protect their forests. In October he will be hosting an international Convention on Bio-diversity (CBD). This will be the ideal time to present him with our petition to save the forests from coal mining.

Coal is not the only way to provide electricity. Renewable energy and efficient use of the energy already available to us can save our forests from being destroyed.[3]

Many forests dependent communities are already fighting to save their forests. Join them and strengthen the movement to protect the forests.

Help stop the destruction. Take action now.



Brikesh Singh
Greenpeace India


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