Live Encounters Magazine June 2012

Live Encounters Magazine June 2012

Dear Readers,

The Special Feature, Segregation in Israel by Anat Hoffman, is a stunning indictment of what ails Israeli society. It also showcases the ground breaking work that is being done by Anat’s organization, Irac, which is at the forefront of the movement for progressive Judaism that seeks religious pluralism, sexual equality, civil and human rights for all citizens of Israel including Israeli Arabs!

This is followed by:

• An indepth interview with Philip Casey, well known Irish Poet, Writer, Editor and member of Aosdána, which honours artists whose work has made an outstanding contribution to the Arts in Ireland.

Terry McDonagh’s, Autumn, is a beautiful and haunting poem set in Melbourne.

• On display in the Photo Gallery, Paradox in Paradise, is a reminder of what
we are doing to the other inhabitants of Mother Earth.

• Pleiad is an enchanting poem by Welsh poet and writer Jemima Fincken.

• In Tribal India Randhir Khare presents a look beyond fences – The Nari Kuravar Gypsies in a time of change along with a poem titled Card Players.

Carol Buckley, Founder of Elephant Aid International, pens a third person account of her organization’s work with elephants.

• I’m Damned, yet another disturbing poem by Arjun Bagga.

Candess M Campbell’s Meditation is an important guide to oneself.

• And John Chester Lewis is back with a collection of three poems.

We request you to kindly pass this free magazine on to everyone you know.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Mark Ulyseas

2 thoughts on “Live Encounters Magazine June 2012

  1. Bravo!! I am excited to check out this magazine. I am particularly interested in reading more from Anat Hoffman. At the Nahmias Cipher Report we try to present a fair and balanced view of human rights abuses across the globe. However, I feel that some countries, like America and its allies, feel that they deserve a pass on the human rights abuses that are perpetrated by them in the name of national security. Their denials are an effort to present to the world a vision of ‘mythological equality’ for all its citizenry and thus affirm their ‘superiority’ over all other nations. Thanks for sharing this. ~ Ayanna Nahmias

    • Please read Anat Hoffman’s report. Coming up in the July issue is a major story on the African refugees in Israel by Steven Beck. Steven works for IRAC.ORG and his boss is Anat Hoffman. these are wonderful Jews who practice Jewish values of treating all strangers with respect, giving them shelter and dignity. Anat Hoffman fights for women’s rights in Israel!

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