Live Encounters Magazine May 2012

Live Encounters Magazine May 2012

Dear Readers,

This edition highlights the burning issue of slavery – human trafficking and exploitation. The Special Report by Saskia Wishart of NOT FOR SALE (NFS), an international anti-slavery movement, reveals the extent to which slavery has infiltrated society all over the world. But on the flip side it also showcases the magnificent efforts by NFS in rescuing and rehabilitating victims of slavery.

And in the following pages we offer you a spread of some of the best writing…

• Hot off the Press we have a Chapter from Harish Nambiar’s book –
Defragmenting India – Riding a Bullet through the Gathering Storm
published by Sage Publications.

Natalie Wood’s Hitchhikers’ Guide to The Galilee is a fine travel piece which includes a great recipe for Passover Bagels!

The Other Half is by Welsh poet and writer Jemima Fincken, wife of Mike Fincken, a Captain who sails with Greenpeace

Terry McDonagh’s poem, Hands, leaves one thinking…

Photo – Gallery exhibits Jill Gocher’s stunning photographs of
Bali’s Buddhists in the hamlet of Budakeling.

• Death of a Star, a disturbing poem by Arjun Bagga

Candess M Campbell’s Empowering your Intuitive Self is a must read.

Good Friday in Lovina is a novella by Mark Ulyseas.

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Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Mark Ulyseas

A Predicament

Pic by Mark Ulyseas
There comes a time in one’s life to ask the question…
Who am I really?
And what am I doing to make this world just a little bit safer, happier and wonderful?.
This is my predicament today.
I cannot answer this question.
   – April 27, 2012

Help Amazonwatch create a sustainable world!

Amazon Watch
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Achuar delegates

Dear Mark,

Like you, I am deeply concerned about the state of our planet. The Amazon Rainforest, one of the most vital mechanisms in the regulation of our global climate, is a critical area of concern. With your help, Amazon Watch is working diligently with our indigenous partners to preserve this tremendous natural resource.

Yet protecting the rainforest is but one important element in the global movement to create a more sustainable world.

The Spring of Sustainability (March 26th to June 22nd) is a series of presentations by The Shift Network designed to foster greater understanding of global sustainability and inspire large-scale shifts in appropriate, necessary action. More than 100 sustainability pioneers will be presenting at this FREE online series of events, and we’re proud to be co-sponsors.

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The Spring of Sustainability is your chance to participate in a virtual event of truly global proportions, with tens of thousands of change-makers with shared passion for a sustainable future.

If you’d like to…

  • Transform fear and frustration into hope and actions you can contribute directly to creating a sustainable world for all beings
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Then please find out more about how you can join this movement at the Spring of Sustainability.

Remember, the Spring of Sustainability is completely FREE, and it’s designed to empower all of us to create a greener, more sustainable future. Register here.


Paul Paz y MiñoPaul Paz y Miño
Managing Director

Has America become paranoid by not giving visas to international artists?

Read this news report and you decide if the US Visa rules and its Homeland Security are not drifting slowly towards a new insidious form of McCarthyism? This nation that once gave the world great American writers like Kerouac and Hemingway who both influenced writers across the globe including me is now a prisoner to its own paranoia…very sad. I wonder what the Marx Brothers would have to say about this?

U.S. Visa Rules Deprive Stages of Performers


Published: April 11, 2012

Everything seemed set for the American debut last month of Pitingo, the rising young flamenco singing star: the Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center had been booked, tickets and program prepared, a publicity budget spent, nonrefundable airline tickets purchased. But when he went to the United States Embassy in Madrid to pick up his visa, he learned that his name was on the “no fly” list.

The Spanish singer Pitingo missed his New York concert last month because of a visa mix-up.Embassy officials knew that Pitingo, whose real name is Antonio Manuel Álvarez Vélez, is not a terrorist, and that the real target was someone else who shared his very common name. But procedures are procedures, and by the time the confusion was sorted out it was too late for Pitingo to fly to New York, and his concert had to be canceled. His management and the concert promoters incurred losses of nearly $25,000.

The case of Mr. Álvarez is not an isolated one. In the decade since the attacks on the twin towers, American visa procedures for foreign artists and performers have grown increasingly labyrinthine, expensive and arbitrary, arts presenters and immigration lawyers say, making the system a serious impediment to cultural exchanges with the rest of the world.

Some foreign performers and ensembles, like the Hallé orchestra from Britain, have decided that it is no longer worth their while to play in the United States. Others have been turned down flat, including a pair of bands invited to perform at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Tex., last month, or have ended up canceling performances because of processing delays, as was the case last month with the Tantehorse theater troupe from the Czech Republic, which was booked to perform in suburban Washington

The New York Times

Wake up American writers, poets, painters, musicians, actors, et al…stand up for your fellow artists across the globe and ensure your government doesn’t treat them like terrorists. Remember you are the conscience of your nation.

India – Rajasthan cops beat woman mercilessly…

Women are not safe in India. Even the Police feel the need to beat them mercilessly against all norms of human decency and human rights. Please read this shameful episode where policemen from the State of Rajasthan (capital Jaipur) went to another State in search of a woman who infact was a victim of marital violence. Instead she ended up being beaten by three male cops inside a police station!

This is how Police protect the women in India.


Chindwara, Madhya Pradesh: In a brutal act displayed by the Rajasthan Police, a woman was allegedly beaten up inside a police station in Madhya Pradesh’s Chindwara district yesterday.

The police team from Rajasthan had come to Chindwara with a search warrant for the woman as her husband in the Nimbada district of Rajasthan had lodged a complaint that she was being kept against her will in Chindwara by a professor.

When the police team reached Chindwara to look for the victim, she said she came here as her husband used to harass her for dowry. When she refused to go back to Rajasthan, the police officials beat her up – they pushed her around, pulled her hair and shoved her into their jeep.

The local Superintendent of Police has suspended four police officials of the Chindwara police station including an assistant sub-inspector for not stopping the Rajasthan policemen from thrashing the woman and staying mute spectators. Meanwhile, the woman has filed an FIR against the three Rajasthan cops who beat her up.


Instead of sacking the policemen they were “suspended”, which means they get half pay pending investigation. This often happens in India. “Suspended” is the way to go so that the same policemen will return to the force “after” investigation!

Has your libido been playing up again King Juan Carlos?

Spain's King Juan Carlos poses in front of a dead elephant on a hunting trip in Botswana, Africa. Photograph: Target Press/Barcroft Media










You are a despicable coward and murderer of defenseless animals. You shot an elephant (tusker) for fun. I suppose the Government of Botswana must be honoured to have White Royalty visit their country to decimate their wildlife. And the private company that markets this blood sport should be closed down!

So how much did you pay to enhance your libido? US$ 15,000/- and more I believe. I wonder how your countrymen must feel about this considering the severe austerity measures that they are facing. If you are any bit a man you would have used this money for the betterment of your own people and not for the enhancement of your manhood.

Shame on you and that woman next to you.

Who is she…your alter ego?

Factory producing babies for sale for prostitution and black magic rituals!













Lagos: Nigerian police have raided an alleged illegal orphanage where they rescued young women thought to have been forced to bear children with the aim of selling them, a spokesman said on Friday.

“We discovered the baby factory in Uruah local government area of the state during a raid following a tip-off,” assistant police superintendent Oyekachi Orji told Agence France Presse of the operation in southern Akwa Ibom state.

He said seven women between the ages of 18 and 20, including three who were pregnant, were freed from the home during the April 4 operation. No babies were discovered.

Three suspects including the owner, his wife and another accomplice were arrested, he said.

“The suspects usually lure young girls to get pregnant with a promise of 70,000 naira (340 euros, $445) after having their babies, which they sell to ritualists,” he said.

A number of such “factories” have been discovered Nigeria, often intending to sell children to childless couples.

Human trafficking is widespread in west Africa, where children are bought from their families to work in plantations, mines and factories or as domestic help.

Others are sold into prostitution, and less commonly they are tortured or sacrificed in black magic rituals.