Live Encounters Magazine April 2012

Live Encounters Magazine April 2012

Vishnu – Guardian of the Forest by Mark Ulyseas

An overview of Bannerghatta National Park and the prevailing human-elephant conflict

Carol Buckley – Matriarch of the Herd speaks to Mark Ulyseas on her life, work and the creation of care centres for elephants

Goa 2007 Robin Marchesi

Terry McDonagh’s latest book, In the Light of Windows – Hamburg Fragments, is to be launched on April 26th  in Hamburg:

A New Passover Sacrifice, a short story by Natalie Wood

Photo Feature – India and Laos – Joo Peter

Creating your Life through TranceCandess M Campbell

Old Room – tribute to Jeff Richman – John Chester Lewis

A Tale of Two Singles – the legend of the Royal Enfield – Santosh RajKumar

Biker Sam Lovett chats with Mark Ulyseas about his bike tours across the Indian sub-continent

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