Baroness Warsi – Wake Up!

“The Vatican is delighted to hear about engaging faith,” said Nigel Baker, the UK ambassador to the Vatican. “It’s rare that people who are not heads of government get a papal audience, so it’s a indication of the weight the Holy See is giving this visit.” Baroness Warsi’s meeting with His Holiness, the Pope.

Baroness, you talk of engaging Faith. Could you be more specific as to how one engages the Saudis? Interestingly your deafening silence on Hamza Kashgari is truly pathetic.

Before you talk of engaging other Faiths, I suggest you begin by engaging your own. And speak out on injustices within your own Faith.

Any idiot can pronounce words. It takes one with honour and integrity to accept the failings of one’s Faith and to deal with it, publicly. Then and only then will the majority of people stand beside you and support your utterances.

Meanwhile, we shall wait with bated breath for your response/support for Hamza Kashgari, a young Saudi Muslim who faces torture and possibly death.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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