Hamza Kashgari is a good Muslim don’t kill him for talking to Allah

Hamza Kashgari, a young Saudi writer, caused a firestorm when he posted a series of tweets on the birthday of Prophet Mohammad last week. In his tweets, Kashgari imagined a conversation with the Prophet in which he said they are equal, and that although he admires many of the Prophet’s characteristics there are also others that he disliked. – http://saudijeans.org/2012/02/08/hamza-kashgari/

Why do Muslims always cry blasphemy when someone questions their Prophet or the Holy Koran? Many people question and even criticize the Holy Scriptures of other leading religions. So what is so special about the Holy Koran? It too is “another” Holy Book in the eyes of non-Muslims.

I don’t think Allah the merciful would agree to this blasphemy law.
I don’t think Allah the Great would kill this young man.
But I do think that Saudi Arabia will kill him or possibly cut his limbs as a message to all those who speak to Allah.

I beseech all right thinking Muslims to stand up and speak out for this young man. Hopefully the Saudi Royal Family will listen to their pleas and pardon Hamza Kashgari; and as a punishment banish him from the Kingdom forever.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om


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