Live Encounters Magazine February 2012

Live Encounters Magazine February 2012

A Sacred RitualMark Ulyseas performs a sacred ritual and makes an offering to the legendary Syrian Orthodox priest, Kadamattom Kathanar, in a small village near Kolenchery in the Indian State of Kerala. And strange things happen on the way!

Off the beaten track in Japan…Carmen Roberts, Fast Track BBC Our search led us to the western suburbs of Kichijoji, an area that was once reserved as an artists’ colony, but now it’s jam packed with funky, off-beat fashion boutiques, as well as, large department stores. The streets are littered with bars and music studios and this is the place where local bands perform when they are just starting out. But Kichijoji is perhaps most famous for its narrow, dimly-lit alleys, known as ‘Harmonica Yokocho’, filled with shops, bars and eateries. Apparently it used to be an underground flea market dating back to the 1940s.

Natalie Wood – Don’t blame our Arab neighbhours for everything! But I also remembered the prophetic words of founding Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. He said: “When Israel has prostitutes and thieves, we’ll be a state just like any other.” So I’m sharing the loveliest part of the Galilee with the darker shades and sunnier hues of Israel’s ‘rainbow nation’ and I get hopping mad when only our Arab neighbours are blamed for anything and everything that goes wrong.

Rundown Town – Terry McDonagh lays bare a world we often overlook.

My ongoing journey – Elham Alirezaei, is a painter from Iran, the land of blue tiles, Hafiz, Mawlana and Zoroaster. I’m a woman painter.This article is a glimpse of her experiences during 3 years of travel to/in India, which in some way is the beginning of another evolution in her life.

It was in a deep sleep I had the following dream…Robin Marchesi, pens a poem for Live Encounters!

Candess Campbell,Phd., guides us through the 7 steps to Intuitive Healing

Kalimero, a travelling minstrel speaks to Mark Ulyseas

John Chester Lewis’s Dust Devil, a poem from Ubud, Bali.

Odin on Trance. A meeting with the avatar of Odin, the Norse God of Wisdom. He calls himself Viking. A tattoed topless biker who visits Goa every year to “Trance”. He speaks candidly to Mark Ulyseas of life in foster homes and how Trance music changed his life from a sordid reality to sanguinity.

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