VIDEO: Stand with Carmen – Sign our petition to Chevron now!

Amazon Watch

Dear Mark,

Carmen Zambrano is one of the 30,000 men, women and children of the Ecuadorian Amazon who continue to suffer the disastrous effects of Chevron’s greedy, reckless and polluting oil operations.

Carmen’s suffering and that of her family has transformed her from a quiet and reserved mother into an unlikely – and courageous – community leader speaking out for all those struggling to survive amidst Chevron’s widespread oil contamination.

VIDEO: Stand with Carmen - Sign our petition to Chevron now!

Carmen traveled outside Ecuador for the first time last week, coming to the United States to press Chevron to take responsiblity for the poisons the company has abandoned in her rainforest home.

At Chevron’s shareholder meeting tomorrow we want to deliver a petition with 30,000 signatures – a signature from a supporter like you, standing up for each of the 30,000 people in the Ecuadorian Amazon demanding justice from the oil giant. As I write this we have 18,000 signatures and need 12,000 more to reach our goal.

Please sign our petition now in solidarity with Carmen and the other mothers who fight for a healthy and just future for their children.

Han Shan

Han Shan
Coordinator, Clean Up Ecuador Campaign

P.S. – Tomorrow Amazon Watch and our allies from around the world will deliver your signature directly to Chevron’s leadership. Use your voice to help amplify the voice of people like Carmen who have waited too long for justice.

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