Thank you Ubud Polisi Bali !

Thank you Ubud Polisi, Bali, for apprehending the thieves who burgled my home in Ubud in April 2010.
And thank you for recovering my laptop that contains my writing and photographs of the last five years.

I must also add a grateful handshake to The Bali Times for publishing my letter about the theft.

Unsolicited advice to all ‘visitors/long stay folk’ – you must register a written complaint with the Bali Polisi if your things are stolen. And make sure you keep the written acknowledgment of your complaint that the Bali Polisi gives you.

Matur Suksama

2 thoughts on “Thank you Ubud Polisi Bali !

  1. Saw this in the WP Recently Posted page. I noticed the “Ubud” in your title and had to click.

    I was in Bali a few months ago for too short a visit. I loved it there and would have wanted to have been able to explore Ubud. I guess I will do it through your posts. Will be looking around your site.


    • Om Swastiastu Faith, Thanks for commenting on the post. Ubud is very special to me and many other people from around the world. I will take a look see at your blog as I would like to read what you write.
      Carpe Diem my friend!
      Matur Suksama
      Mark Ulyseas

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